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Robbery in basketball team room

Inside job suspected

By Phillip Allen, Online Managing Sports Editor
November 29, 2006
The varsity boy's basketball team was called down to the security office today to fill out reports in connection with items stolen from the team room yesterday. During the team's practice an estimated $70, three iPods and a cell phone were removed from the Blazers belongings.

Many players were angered by the occurrence. Senior Forward Richard Chavez explained the team had their suspicion that the thief may be part of the basketball program because they were the only people around the team room.

Security believes they have promising leads but as of yet will not comment on the incident.

Senior Matt McClain, who lost $20, was frustrated by the incident. "This is an isolated misfortunate incident that in no way reflects the program as a whole," he said.

There will be a Varsity and JV basketball meeting after school to discuss this issue.

More updates to follow.