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ID policy now strictly enforced

Policy remains unchanged; IDs a uniform red color

By David Jia, Online Blair Connections Editor
September 18, 2007
The administration is enforcing the ID policy more strictly this year, though the actual policy remains unchanged, according to Business Manager Jim Funk. Additionally, the appearance of the Blair ID has changed to a uniform red color, Funk said, though many IDs were accidentally printed orange.
This year's IDs are a uniform red color.
This year's IDs are a uniform red color.

Last year's Saturday detention policy "might come into play" once students reach their three ID limit, but so far no one has, according to assistant principal Linda Wanner. "People have been pretty compliant." Staff and administration are required to tell any student they see without an ID to wear one. First block teachers are also responsible for recording the number of temporary IDs a student receives per semester. Each student may receive three temporary IDs per semester, after which the student is referred to his or her administrator. The distribution of temporary IDs is meant to reduce obligations that in past years could go up to hundreds of dollars, said Wanner.

The change in color of the IDs has nothing to do with the policy. "The students, we knew, were unhappy about the colored IDs," said Wanner, who acknowledged that last year's color-coded ID system backfired because students disliked being separated by academy.

The administration intended for IDs to be red, but the cards were left with an orange color due solely to a problem with the new printers used this year, said Funk. Some of the printer ribbons gave the IDs a reddish-orange shade even though they looked red on the computer screen.

Nevertheless, Funk said, the printer ribbons were too expensive to throw away because of being the wrong color, even if it meant that the school IDs do not have the school color.

The full ID policy can be found here .