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Round two: As boring as it gets

Empty arguments lead to full-bodied yawns

By Alisa Lu, Online News Editor and Monica Wei, Online Entertainment Editor
October 9, 2008
Caitlin Daitch
With Senator Barack Obama (D-Ill.) gaining crucial momentum heading into the month before Election Day, Senator John McCain (R-Ari.) needed a strong showing in this week's debate. After last Thursday's showdown between their running mates drew a record-breaking audience, sparks were expected to fly at the town hall debate. With the stock market sinking faster than it did in the Great Depression, the candidates, particularly McCain, needed to make a statement. Unfortunately, the only word to describe this debate is "lackluster." The format, the points and the candidates themselves came nowhere close to matching the action of the battle between their second-in-commands. Read below for our individual reflections on the candidates' comments on the issues and our overall impressions.