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Sarah Palin 1, Levi Johnston 0

By Sophia Deng, Online Managing Editor
September 15, 2009
Levi Johnston needs to go back to where he came from - Alaska or obscurity, both are good options. Remember Johnston? He was the boyfriend father of Bristol Palin's baby. During Sarah Palin's campaign trail, Johnston had a good 15 minutes of fame, but apparently, 15 minutes just weren't enough.

In a Sept. 2 "Vanity Fair" interview, Johnston recounted the behind-the-scenes life of Sarah Palin, revealing that the Palins are not as idealistic a family as they presented to the public.
Levi Johnston spills the beans in a tell-all "Vanity Fair" interview about the Palin family. <i>Picture courtesy of Mark Seliger/Vanity Fair.</i>
Levi Johnston spills the beans in a tell-all "Vanity Fair" interview about the Palin family. Picture courtesy of Mark Seliger/Vanity Fair.

Frankly, I'm not a fan of Sarah Palin. I never have been. But this time I truly feel for Palin. When Johnston meant "tell-all," he really meant it, mentioning personal details about the Palin family, including the former governor's complaints about her job. He even went as far as to characterize Palin and her husband's relationship in “Vanity Fair”: "There was a lot of talk of divorce in that house…times when Sarah and Todd would mention it and sound pretty serious.” Even if these juicy tidbits are true, sharing personal details about someone else is not only off limits, but also incredibly rude.

When celebrities - or in Johnston's case, wannabes - are interviewed, motivations are questioned. Although still not justifiable, I would be more sympathetic towards Johnston if he were deeply hurt by the Palins and needed to reveal the truth about his sufferings.

Unfortunately, it's hard to be compassionate when Johnson is set on a modeling and acting career, and plans to pose for "Playgirl," according to TMZ.

If Johnston truly wanted to inform the world about the Palins, with no career-boosting intentions attached, dishing the dirt on private matters is still extremely hurtful. Think about it from the Palins' perspectives. Johnston was the teenager their family trusted. With a blink of the eye, he turned around to spill everything good, bad and ugly about the household to a prominent magazine.

Johnston should focus on his baby with Bristol, rather than his own career. Sadly, fame is the first thing on his mind.