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The List

What's in and out for 2010

By Jenna Bushnell, Online Features and Humor Editor and Katie Sint, Online Managing Editor
December 31, 2009
Elaine Lin
2009 has been quite a year

And the experts at SCO would like to share with our peers

Our wise predictions for what 2010 has to bring

So feel free to rejoice! Shout out, dance, sing!

With 2009 already halfway out the door,

Check out The List and see what '10 has in store

Plain old BlanketsSlankets
$5 Pizza Jerry's Mondays
Courtesy of Jerry's
Half-price Qdoba Mondays
<i>Picture courtesy of Qdoba Mexican Grill.</i> Courtesy of Qdoba Mexican Grill
Picture courtesy of Qdoba Mexican Grill.
Britney's comebackWhitney's comeback
High School Musical (1, 2 and 3)
<i>Picture courtesy of Disney.</i>
Picture courtesy of Disney.
<i>Picture courtesy of Fox.</i>
Picture courtesy of Fox.
2D Movies3D Movies
Minimal bathroom privilegesFull bathroom privileges
Robots destroying the earth in "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen"
<i>Picture courtesy of Paramount Pictures.</i>
Picture courtesy of Paramount Pictures.
Humans destroying other planets in "Avatar"
<i>Picture courtesy of Fox.</i>
Picture courtesy of Fox.
Following fashion trendsFinding your inner fashionista
<i>Picture courtesy of People Magazine.</i> Courtesy of People Magazine
Picture courtesy of People Magazine.
Taylor Swift and Beyonce
<i>Picture courtesy of MTV.</i> Courtesy of MTV
Picture courtesy of MTV.
<i>Picture courtesy of Converse.</i> Courtesy of Converse
Picture courtesy of Converse.
Nike Airs
Two-hour delaysSnow days
OprahDr. Oz
Crushing the competitionYanking the competition's ponytail
<i>Picture courtesy of the White House.</i> Courtesy of White House
Picture courtesy of the White House.
Going to the movies for great musical performancesGoing to the Blair auditorium for great musical performances
Gay civil unionsGay marriage
The "fine" 2009The perfect '10