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Soapbox: Blazers speak out

December 17, 2009
How do you feel about increased presence of security guards in the hallways?

"With the greater presence of security guards I feel safer, but I also feel as if I am always being watched and have no privacy. I feel that I am almost never in danger while I am in school during school times. But I also feel as if I am always being watched and can't do anything unless it is 100 percent approved by school."
-sophomore Sarath Asari

"I think that it's for a reason 'cause we abuse our limits. It's good 'cause if they're not there it's easier for people to start a fight."
-junior Maria Delgado

"It's kind of scary to see security guards roaming around the halls and watching us suspiciously. Many of them stop us and ask us where we are going. It's very annoying."
-senior Danielle Sok

Do you think that financial literacy should be mandatory instruction?

"Financial literacy should be a course offered at high schools, if it already isn't, but it should not be required. If it was required, students would have a lesser ability to choose classes that they want to take. Students would be limited to taking only two electives."
-sophomore Christopher Rogers

"I think that all students should be forced to learn about financing. They will need these skills whether they go to college or not. Almost everyone who goes to Blair will end up getting a job or need to know at least the basics about financial literacy."
-sophomore Debbie Sacks

"Financial literacy should not be mandatory. Some people are born with common sense and don't need that class."
-senior Zack Segal

How has the recession affected you or anyone you know?

"The recession affected me a lot. I haven't had Internet connection since March. The summer time, my AC use was limited. I have to turn the TV off before I fall asleep, and I barely use my cell phone. My mom does everything possible to cut down on bills."
-senior Tiana Anderson

"Not really. My mom is a midwife - even if there's no money, people still have babies."
-freshman Emma Rothman

"My family hasn't really been affected at my dad's house, but my mom had to move out of her house to a townhouse because of the recession."
-junior Lauren Rust

Do you think the "Redskins" is an offensive name for the football team? Why or why not?

"Redskins is not an offensive name. It has been in place for a long time, and it doesn't really have any significant negative meaning. I do feel that the name "Browns" is offensive."
-junior Jed Tan

"No. If anything, they're supporting the former Indian cultures. It has nothing to do with modern Native Americans or their skin color."
-sophomore Kathryn Waychoff

"I don't think the team name should be changed. I feel like the team is not being derogatory, or trying to hurt anybody. No one ties the team name to the group that it supposedly represents."
-senior Julian Lofton

"What really matters is if Native Americans find it offensive. If a large number of Native Americans complain, then it's a problem. If not, then it probably isn't that offensive, is it?"
-sophomore Mikhail Plungis

How do you show the holiday spirit of giving?

"This year for Christmas I'm volunteering at a soup kitchen instead of just staying home every year because I'd like to make someone else's Christmas as great as mine have been."
-sophomore Rebecca Russi

"I make candy grams for all of my loved ones and friends."
-senior Arpita Ghosh

"Everyone in my family chooses a charity to give to at Christmas. I like it because it makes me feel good that we can help so many people every year."
-sophomore Caroline James

"I show the holiday spirit of giving by buying toys for this group called Toys for Tots every year."
-senior Tony Saturno