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Soapbox: Blazers speak out

October 8, 2009
Have you ever visited any kind of a psychic or fortune teller?

"Yes, I used to visit one fortune teller in Thailand. She told me that I will have a rich husband!"
-senior Chonnipa Hongjaisee

"Once, I went to see a fortune teller at a picnic. She told me that I knew exactly what to do with my life. I don't, and I'm still not sure what exactly my fortune was supposed to be."
-freshman Elena Polozova

"When I was younger, just born, my parents took me to a Chinese fortune teller. It's tradition in my family to take a new child to our family fortune teller."
-sophomore Victoria Pai

"I have had my palm read. The person wasn't too good because she said I would become a businessman. I don't want to be, though."
-senior Jumma Islam

"No, I have never visited a psychic because I think the whole idea of telling the future is bogus."
-freshman Raphael Naval

Do you have a blog or know someone with a blog?

"Yes, I have a personal blog but rarely use it. However, I do read the blog of the bassist of Blink-182, Mark Hoppus."
-sophomore Alvin Vega

"My aunt blogs about random things. She talks about things in her life, politics and other random things."
-senior Lashee Barton

"My brother has a blog. He doesn't blog about anything in particular and come to think about it, I don't really know of anyone who does have a single blog topic."
-sophomore Peter Conlon

What do you think of Sonia Sotomayor as Supreme Court Justice? What expectations do you have for her?

"I think it's unfair to expect more of Sonia Sotomayor than [of] any other judges appointed to the Supreme Court. The one thing I expect her to do is judge fairly and according to the law. Otherwise, what is she doing there?"
-sophomore Mikhail Plungis

"I think it's great that she is in the Supreme Court because it shows that the U.S. is a diverse country, and we represent that in our government. I expect her to do well like the other court judges."
-freshman Nadia Alam

"I have expectations that not only will she do her job but also reach out to those in need in the Latino community and America as well."
-senior Rachel Anderson

Do you think Sligo Creek Golf Course should be closed?

"Some lazy people are very inactive, and they only leave their house to play golf. A farther drive to a different course might not be worth it; these people would never get exercise."
-sophomore Lena Meyerson

"No. I don't think the Sligo Creek Golf Course should be closed because I know a lot of people who go there, and they love it."
-senior Suzy Eltobgi

"I definitely think the golf course should be closed because I'm sick and tired of seeing those green 'Keep Sligo Golf Open' signs
-sophomore Nafisa Ahmed

"I think that the Sligo Creek Golf Course should not be closed because many people like going there because it's close to their house, making it more convenient."
-senior Elizabeth Campos

Do you think high-tech swimsuits should be banned from high school sports?

"High-tech swimsuits should not be banned. As a swimmer myself, I can assure you that suits have very little to do with the speed."
-freshman Janvi Raichura

"I think high-tech swimsuits should be banned because they give more affluent swimmers and schools an unfair advantage."
-sophomore Sofi Sinozich

"As long as you don't cross the line of enhancing your body, you should be allowed to enhance what goes on your body during sports."
-sophomore Nic Weinfeld

"I do think high-tech swimsuits should be banned from high school sports. Races become more of who has the best swimsuit rather than who is a faster swimmer. "
-senior Allison Arai