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Soapbox: Blazers speak out

November 12, 2009
How do you feel about Blair's sports rivalry with other schools and our school spirit?

"Blair's biggest rival is probably Northwood. When it comes to the "Battle of the Boulevard," everybody shows up for the games whether it's football or soccer. Blazers should come out and support our teams, especially during the playoffs."
-senior Alex Bae

"The rivalry with Northwood is a way to show off our school spirit and show how devoted the students are to Blair."
-sophomore Claire Ettinger

"In basketball, Blair used to be rivals with Springbrook, but seeing as how Springbrook has become a much better team than Blair for the last few years, this is a rivalry which has died out."
-junior Ethan Brown

Did you attend Blair's 75th anniversary celebration? If so, what event did you enjoy most?

"I hated it completely. I believe the weather made the anniversary very difficult to appreciate. But for the alumni, I hope it was worth it."
-sophomore Isabelle Kerby Mcgowan

"Having attended the 75th anniversary event at Strathmore as part of the chorus, I thought it was a lot of fun."
-sophomore Hillel Slott

"My favorite event was the Strathmore celebration because I got to meet Ben Stein and see Connie Chung. It was fun seeing the Strathmore from the performance side."
-junior Sandra Yan

Where is your favorite farmers market? What do you like most about it?

"My favorite farmers market is the Takoma Farmer's Market. My favorite thing about this market is that it occurs once a week, it is very close to my house and everything they have to offer is delicious."
-sophomore Julia Aikman

"There was a farmer's market I went to in Lancaster, PA. What I liked about it was how fresh the food and products were. I loved the fudge and smoothies the best."
-sophomore Anna Patnaik

"There's a great farmer's market south of Waldorf, Maryland that sells a lot of cheap fresh produce."
-sophomore Francisco Gonzalez

Do you know anyone who is vegan? What is their motivation for following this diet?

"Yes, I know two vegans. For one of them, their motivation for this diet is it's part of his religion, and the other, her motivation is her whole family is vegan."
-senior Diamante Hall

"Yes, I know someone who is vegan. Their motivation for being vegan is that they don't want to hurt animals. "
-freshman Tanvir Rokonudd

"I know someone who's vegan: he's paranoid about food in general, he's health obsessed and he's a hippie. "
-junior Jack Naden

"I know a vegan. She did it for health reasons, but also because she cares about animals. She says it's hard being a vegan because there are so many foods that she has to avoid."
-sophomore Maggie Shi

What do you think the driving age should be?

"It should stay the same because 15 and nine months is a good age, where we don't have to wait as much and we are mature."
-freshman Ben Del Rosario

"I think it should be 16 because that's when kids need a vehicle to get to and from late night activities."
-junior Lamech Mussie

"I think it should stay where it is because when you turn 16 you expect the big stuff."
-senior Sekou Sangare