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Friday, August 17, 2018 7:08 am

Tag: Athlete of the Week

Athlete of the Week: Kevin Fallet, Boys' Varsity Soccer

With one strong kick, junior center back Kevin Fallet sends the ball soaring across the field to another Blazer, who finishes the play with a short kick into the goal. Cheers erupt from the bleachers as Fallet retreats, grinning with pride from ear to ear.

Athlete of the Week: Sofia Read, Girls' Varsity Soccer

With a burst of confident energy, senior co-captain Sofia Read sends the soccer ball high over the hands of the goalie. The ball lands perfectly in the corner of the net.

Athlete of the Week: Nika Lilley, Girls' Varsity Volleyball

Junior captain Nika Lilley rhythmically bounces the ball as she waits for her cue to serve. She takes a deep breath, clears her mind of the distractions and sends the ball over the net.

Athlete of the Week: Caleb Furlow, Varsity Football

Senior Caleb Furlow crosses the midfield, stiff-arms a safety and makes his way past the last defender.

Athlete of the Week: Morgana D'Ottavi, Cross Country

Freshman Morgana D'Ottavi runs swiftly through the trees at Wheaton Regional Park. Minutes later, she is the first runner at the finish line, wearing a smile.

Athlete of the Week: Ann Choi, Varsity Girls' Tennis

Amidst the tension and concentration that surrounds a girls' tennis match, senior co-captain Ann Choi, who always has a smile to share, emits a subtle calming aura.

Athlete of the Week: Miranda Bernard, Varsity Field Hockey

Firmly holding her stick in both hands, senior co-captain Miranda Bernard digs her feet into the ground and sprints forward.

Athlete of the Week: Eve Brown, Softball

A stunning silence settles over the softball field while all attention centers on the pitcher's mound. The only thing to break this silence the familiar whack of junior Eve Brown's fastball hitting the catcher's mitt as she completes her 48th strikeout of the season so far.

Athlete of the Week: Jens Josephs, Ice Hockey

The second period has only just begun, but senior forward Jens Josephs' skates slice across the ice with urgent finesse. In one fluid motion, Josephs slams the puck into the back left of the net.

Athlete of the Week: Inkera Patterson, Girls' Varsity Basketball

Senior point guard Inkera Patterson eagerly crouches in anticipation for the sound of the whistle. Her heart races as she focuses on the opponents around her. The shrill ring of the whistle shatters the tense silence and she springs into motion, gliding across the court with the ball.
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