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Friday, July 20, 2018 10:18 pm

Tag: Ipad

TechnoLogical: Kindle-ing a comeback

Apple has dominated the tablet world with a 62 percent global market share, compared to Amazon's 22 percent. But a new line of Kindles might just cut the distance between the companies' successes.

Edging towards green

With sales of the iPad 3 booming and Apple's stock price up nearly 50 percent from 2011, Apple's success in the business is unquestionable. There is one area where progress of the technology giant has been slow, however: going green.

Microsoft's comeback beginning to "Surface"

The iPad currently reigns supreme in the tablet world. However, Microsoft has recently revealed the Surface, its newest entry into the tablet world, which just might outshine the iPad in the near future. Surface combines the highly anticipated Windows 8 operating system with new tablet hardware and software capabilities.

Advancing in Apple

Four months after the death of its founder and CEO Steve Jobs, Apple products are still all the rage.

Pro/Con: Longevity of chain bookstores

But is online retailing really a better option as opposed to in-store shopping?
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