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Wednesday, July 18, 2018 8:20 pm

Tag: Michael Zick

A message to ESOL students

"I have a message: ESOL students need to get involved in the Blair community. They need to know that English is not a barrier. I originally felt that not speaking English perfectly meant I couldn't get involved in clubs and other activities. Then I joined the Student Government Association (SGA) and I knew it could be done. I hope other ESOL students will follow in my footsteps and join."

What student athletes don't know about their coaches

Some teachers have already been out of the building for hours, doing their second jobs at the school. They are the coaches of Blair's sports teams.

Beatboxers, cheerleaders and skydivers come to Blair

Some are returning teachers, some are Blair alumni and some are stepping into Blazer territory for the first time. Here is a quick roundup of the new teachers at Blair.
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