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Saturday, October 21, 2017 5:34 pm

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NFL Week 6 Predictions

After five weeks, the Vikings are the only undefeated team standing. A Broncos loss and an Eagles loss left the Vikings alone on their bye week.

NFL Week 5 Predictions

Week 4 of the NFL season saw two undefeated teams lose unexpectedly. Now down to the three undefeated teams, the Eagles and Vikings should be expecting to continue their undefeated seasons.

NFL Week 4 Predictions

The Redskins recorded their first win of the season, and of the five undefeated teams, two are perennial winners, but there are three big surprises atop the standings (Eagles, Vikings and Ravens).

NFL Week 3 Predictions

Another week down in the NFL season. Last week we saw a ton of injuries to some major players, most notably Danny Woodhead. Just kidding. Adrian Peterson left last week's game with a torn meniscus, and his status is seriously doubtful for this week.

NFL Week 2 Predictions

Week 2 of the NFL is coming, and the prediction team is here with their picks for this week's games. Lots of unanimous choices this week by our writers. Will those favorites hold their ground against teams hunting for an early-season upset?

NFL Week 1 Predictions

Every football fan is excited for week one, but with a Super Bowl rematch to kick off the season, the slate is even better than expected.

SCO NFL Mock Draft

The NFL season is well and truly over, putting the SCO fantasy football articles on hold until next year. But it's never too early to prepare for the future, so without further ado, here is the Silver Chips Online 2016 NFL Mock Draft.

NFL Week 17 Projections

SCO Fantasy Football Picks for Week 16

Once a week SCO staff writers Ben Yokoyama and Charlie Lott will post their fantasy football predictions alongside those of a special guest teacher and one student from the general Blair population.

NFL Week 16 Predictions

Standings: 1. Bobby: 119-76 2. Lauren: 118-77 3. Sandeep: 114-81 4. Charlie: 112-83
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