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Monday, October 23, 2017 4:15 am

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NFL Week 4 Predictions

The Redskins recorded their first win of the season, and of the five undefeated teams, two are perennial winners, but there are three big surprises atop the standings (Eagles, Vikings and Ravens).

NFL Week 3 Predictions

Another week down in the NFL season. Last week we saw a ton of injuries to some major players, most notably Danny Woodhead. Just kidding. Adrian Peterson left last week's game with a torn meniscus, and his status is seriously doubtful for this week.

SCO Fantasy Football Picks Week 1

Once a week SCO staff writers Ben Yokoyama and Charlie Lott will post their fantasy football predictions alongside those of a special guest student from the general Blair population.

49ers quarterback sits during national anthem

Friday night's preseason game against the Green Bay Packers was meant to be former starting quarterback Colin Kaepernick's last chance to prove himself, and earn the starting roll in San Francisco. But now, Kaepernick is making headlines not for his accomplishments in the game, but for what he didn’t do before the game.

SCO Fantasy Football Preview

The NFL season is on its way, and along with it comes the fantasy football season. Silver Chips Online's Ben Yokoyama and Charlie Lott are back this year with their picks of the week to help you set your lineup. Below is a preview of the upcoming season, along with sleepers and busts to avoid in your fantasy football draft.

Back to football: Peterson must let his play do the talking

The media scrutiny that Peterson has endured in the last year has been hectic. His problem is a family issue that should be solved by a mindset change, not a national legal issue.

NFL Week 16 Predictions

Standings: 1. Sam: 147-76 2. Bobby: 143-80 3. Sasha: 141-82 4. Agam: 139-84

NFL Week 14 Predictions

Standings: 1. Sam: 123-69 2. Bobby: 122-70 3. Sasha: 119-73 4. Agam: 113-79

Sexism evident in media's handling of Hope Solo

A closer look at Solo's story raises questions. Not only about whether she should be suspended, and whether U.S. Soccer deserves blame, but about the media's treatment of Solo and Rice respectively. There are a few facts that most journalists, in condemning Solo and the USWNT, have failed to mention.

The NFL’s broken suspension policy

Regardless of the National Football League’s (NFL) decision earlier this last week regarding Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice’s indefinite suspension, it is clear that the League’s internal justice system is completely nonsensical.
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