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Thursday, July 19, 2018 6:01 am

Tag: TechnoLogical

TechnoLogical: When Under Armour meets Polo

Engineering student Gihan Amarasiriwardena was frustrated that stiff suit jackets didn't complement the sweaty and strenuous task of commuting by bike. He resolved to find a way to wear business clothing while keeping the body cool and active.

TechnoLogical: Keep a lock on Amazon stocks has enjoyed considerable stock market growth in recent years with the growing popularity of the online retailer extraordinaire. At the beginning of 2012, it seemed the company could do no wrong with a net income of $0.28 per share, beating many analysts’ expectations. However, little more than a year later, recent data has increased investors’ concerns over what seems like a rapidly growing trend: declining profits.

TechnoLogical: Fork over that HapiFork

Despite the thousands of diet pills and exercise machines currently in existence, an emerging invention is gaining importance in the weight loss industry. A new fork, the "HapiFork," helps users count calories by monitoring how fast they're eating and then signaling when they consume more than one bite in the span of ten seconds.

TechnoLogical: Facebook advocates for the worst kind of home

With the proliferation of smart phones, data plans and social media in the past few years, Facebook users will initially be thrilled at the idea of connecting these three things together in Facebook Home, the new application that will move Facebook to the center of your phone.

TechnoLogical: Google Fiber expands to Austin

Google recently accidentally revealed that they will be expanding the high-speed internet project Google Fiber to Austin, Texas next. This is a significant expansion that represents Google's intent to continue the Google Fiber project.

TechnoLogical: Is Audrey Hepburn alive?

Well no, Audrey Hepburn isn't really alive again but anyone can easily be deceived by the recent Galaxy Chocolate commercial, which has some uneasy over its morality and others ecstatic about the technology.

TechnoLogical: Apple privacy put to the test

For iPhone users, the currently pending Apple privacy lawsuit is particularly unsettling.

TechnoLogical: The debacle of technological growth

Every push for innovation has its costs and if we overlook the consequences, our own intellect becomes a double-edged sword in making progress.

TechnoLogical: Sony plays it conservative with new Playstation

Sony has come in second in announcing their new console (after Nintendo announced theirs last year), which will be released this holiday season, but how they will compete remains to be seen.

TechnoLogical: On the lookout for meteors

On Friday, a ten-ton meteor shattered over Russia’s Ural Mountains.
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