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Tuesday, July 17, 2018 3:13 pm

Tag: drugs

Increase in drug busts at Blair

There have been ten reported drug-related incidents involving Blair students since the beginning of this school year, according to Security Team Leader Kathleen Greene. This is already an increase from last year, during which there were only five reported "serious incidents" related to drugs, according to the School Safety and Security At a Glance report.

Budget cuts beat progress

Substance abuse is a growing problem among adolescents and it needs immediate action for prevention and treatment. According to Teen Health, in the past year, 70.6 percent of high school students admitted to alcohol usage.

Clean teens

While some studentsí weekends involve drugs, alcohol and sex, there are others who find a way to avoid these situations in an environment where they are commonplace.

PTSA addresses "risky teen behavior"

On Tuesday night, the Blair PTSA held its monthly public meeting, which focused on preventing underage drinking, illegal drug use and theft among students.
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