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Friday, July 20, 2018 8:52 am

Tag: food

When heaps of candy just won't do

Halloween is almost here! If candy isn't enough for you, SCO is providing some tasty recipes sure to fulfill all your cravings.

HealthChips: Easy as Pie

While sleep is an essential step towards surviving the rest of this year, diet during particularly stressful weeks can improve overall well-being and even grades.

Sesame Street reveals new character

Sesame Street unveiled a new character, Lily, a poverty stricken seven-year-old, to shed light on childhood hunger in America.

Back-to-school snacktacular

Even though our minds are now adjusted to our back-to-school schedules, our stomachs are still not used to our new eating schedules, so our SCO nutritional expert is here to offer some nutritious, and delicious, snacks that you can make in no time!
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