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Wednesday, June 20, 2018 1:18 am

Tag: internet

Technological: Education of the technological generation

It's hard to believe how much technology has changed over the past twenty years. With that in mind, schools need to adapt to include more technology in the educational process to keep students entertained, as well as support their learning in new ways.

TechnoLogical: The debacle of technological growth

Every push for innovation has its costs and if we overlook the consequences, our own intellect becomes a double-edged sword in making progress.

TechnoLogical: Anonymous fights for democracy

When imagining a hacker, people are typically inclined to picture a 20-year-old computer nerd breaking through firewalls and posting nasty messages on company websites simply for their own pleasure.

Be careful what you search for

At what point does it become a violation of privacy for major search engines such as Google to track our Internet activities?
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