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Friday, July 20, 2018 4:10 pm

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Go beyond the counter with new cold remedies

As we enter the icy heart of the winter months, Blazers continue to succumb to the perilous symptoms of the common cold. Although many head to the pharmacies to stock up on Ricola and NyQuil, there is a whole universe of alternative remedies that you wonít find at CVS.

Timeís running out. What should you do before its too late?

As seniors receive admission decisions and start planning for next year, they start to look around the hallowed walls of Blair and begin to wonder what they will miss most about high school. But this December seniors arenít the only ones who have cause to look at Blair with a sense of impending nostalgia. Be it in plague, explosion, pollution or flood, itís pretty much a fact that the end of the world is coming in 2012Ö Maybe. Itís time to look at all the things that are still left to be accomplished and create a plan of action. The internet is riddled with suggestions of things that are simply necessary to experience before you kick the bucket. But these ideas are lacking in creativity, and might, perhaps, devastate the rest of your life just in case the Mayans were off in their calculations. So! We set off on a perilous journey through school rules and policies into a Pandoraís Box of rebellious deeds to do before we die. Letís begin at Blair.

Where's the beef: local Jamaican eateries reviewed

Blazers recall the legendary ďBeef Patty Man,Ē the elusive entrepreneur who brought a little taste of the Caribbean to Blair in the form of beef patties. The Beef Patty Man would sell his goods at prices that would fly up to fifteen dollars a patty, but Blazers would empty their wallets for this exotic lunch. But now that the Beef Patty Man is gone, itís up to Blazers to find their own patty paradise at a much cheaper cost.

Black friday tips and tricks

Streaming floods the net

Jolting juices and energy elixirs for sleep-deprived Blazers

The Secret Life of the Average Blazer

Teen pregnancy, coming out stories, fashionistas, relationship drama, crazy parents and bullying. Though it may not seem like they have much in common, theyíre part of the secret formula writers use when they pitch the average high school TV show. Now thereís no denying that every high school has its fair share of drama so in a school as diverse as Blair, one would think that we would be able to relate to all of this, right? I think we can all agree that Blair may get a little crazy at times, but we can consider ourselves lucky that itís not as crazy as some shows make it out to be.

Chips Trip: Zumba

The last time I danced, I performed a solo interpretation of The Ugly Duckling at age seven. I admit now that my smug self-satisfaction over my feathered boa and ambitious decision to portray a bird may have hurt my ability to gauge the audience's reaction. I can now only imagine the parents' shocked horror in what surely appeared to be a disappointing plot twist: I transitioned from awkward duckling to graceful swan but the terrible dancing continued without change. I quit shortly after that.

A Hidden D.C. Treasure is Unearthed

Passing by the White House and the grandeur of Washington D.C.ís public buildings and monuments sets up many expectations. But when entering the back door of the Department of Commerce building, these expectations are immediately replaced with the set of plastic hammerhead shark models hanging above the security check. The stairs lead down to the basement where natural light and marble trim disappear. The brown, six-foot long sharks are there to guard one of D.C.ís best-kept secrets - the oldest aquarium in the United States.
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