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Saturday, July 21, 2018 4:02 am

Tag: superhero

"Incredibles (makes a heroic return) 2" theatres

The Incredibles are back, and they are exactly what we've been waiting for! With the family of heroes back together, the film is a great family movie for all ages that brings back long-lost memories for all viewers.

The woman who left everyone wonderstruck

Last minute DIY Halloween costumes

Halloween is two days away, and if youíre like me then you still donít know what youíre going to be. But have no fear, there are plenty of costumes that are easy to create using things you can find at home. Keep reading if youíre interested in making a do it yourself (DIY) Halloween costume.

Superheroes save civilization

What do a green monster, a hammer-wielding Viking and an espionage-agent-like Scarlett Johannson have in common? Definitely not strange hair and accents. Somehow these three, as well as many other classic Marvel characters, come to life together in "The Avengers," a blockbuster superhero film reminiscent of the comics of yesteryear. Though the return of the Hulk or Captain America may lure an audience in with its action scenes, viewers will stay for the plot and humor as well.
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