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2002 MSPA Individual Writing and Editing Contests Winners for Online
Web Feature Writing - 1st: Matthew Yalowitz, "Providing others with a chance to live."
2nd: Stephen Wertheim, "On to 1600!"
3rd: Jeanne Yang, "Where o where is my drive?"

Web News Writing - 1st: Joseph Howley, "Info Flow suspended until further notice."
2nd: Joseph Howley and Ben Meiselman, "Blair evaculated following bomb threats."
3rd: Kevin Chang, "Students stabbed during lunch."
HM: Jeanne Yang, "Blair music groups win in Florida."

Web Review/Opinion - 1st: Stephen Wertheim, "Wartime calls for sacrifices."
2nd: Stephen Wertheim, "The patriotism of criticism."
3rd: Joseph Howley, "Where has the honor gone?"
HM: Jeanne Yang and Ben Meiselman

Print Awards

2002 MSPA Individual Writing and Editing Contests Winners
Comics - 1st: Eric Shansby, "Why College Admissions is like a Bad Boyfriend."
Editorial Cartoon - 1st: Eric Shansby, "History 911," HM: Eric Shansby, "The Silence of the Dissenters."

Editorial Opinion - 2nd: Elizabeth Green, "Consortiums divide."

Features - 1st: Colby Chapman, "Keepin' up with the kicks,"
2nd: Elizabeth Green, "Overcoming the self-fulfilling prophecy."
HM: Jessica Stamler (2), Meg Cassedy-Blum, Jennifer Breads (2) Gabe Morden-Snippe, Katie Jentleson.

Front-page Layout - 1st: Jessica Stamler,
2nd: Stephen Wertheim

Illustrated-hand or Computer generated - 1st: Eric Shansby, "St. Nick."

In-depth story - 2nd: Kang-Xing Jin, "A decade later, gangs resurface."
3rd: Nora Berenstain, "Love hurts? It doesn't have to."
HM: Kristen Hoven, Anita Umarji (2), Elizabeth Green, and Lily Hamburger

News - 2nd: Jared Sagoff, "Repairs to cost over $1 million."
3rd: Matthew Yalowitz and Julia Kay, "Ganious alleges county racism."
HM: Julia Kay, Stephen Wertheim and Jennifer Alyono, L.A. Holmes, Rachel Yood

Opinion/Editorial-page Layout - 1st: L.A. Holmes, May 23, 2003

Profiles - 2nd: Tina Peng, "Remembering an angel lost."
HM: Liam Bowen, Elizabeth Green.

Signed Editorial Column - 1st: Colby Chapman, "When black isn't black enough."
2nd: Katie Jentleson, "Not a girl, not yet a woman - just a tramp."

Single (Inside) Page Layout- 1st: Iris Flores, "Me, Myself, and My Hair."
3rd: Colby Chapman, "A lesson in the classics."

Review - 3rd: Gabe Morden-Snipper, "A lesson in the classics."

Children's National Medical Center's 15th Annual Student Journalists' Health Writing Contest
1st: Matthew Yalowtiz, "Providing Others with a Chance to Live."
2nd: Nora Berenstain, "Love Hurts? It Doesn't Have To."
3rd: Jessica Stamler, "The Sad Side of the Happy Meal."
HM: Gabriel Morden-Snipper, "Dream Pill Could Be Drug Nightmare" and Shannon Sanders, "Distorted Body Image Consumes Teen Girls."
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Kansas City Star Ernest Hemingway Award
Julia Kay and Liam Bowen each won Hemingway awards in their respective expert journalistic fields: Kay for news writing and Bowen for sports writing.
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Eddie Chan won third place in the Society of Professional Journalists "Freedom of the Press High School Essay Contest."
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