A look at globe-trotting Blazers

Dec. 25, 2013, 10:50 p.m. | By Dylan Ahunhodjaev | 7 years ago

Well, it's official. Winter has come to Blair. Everywhere you look, people are bundled up against the icy Mid-Atlantic weather, battening down for the long season ahead. But winter is not without its bright spots, and over these next two weeks, those in our glorious American public school system can look forward to a much deserved stretch of time off. Never content to settle for anything but the best, many of our intrepid students are venturing away from their wintry surroundings this break to explore foreign locales, from New York to the Philippines.

Photo: Blazers are heading to many different spots for this year's winter break.

Sophomore Ayame Garrett explains that she is looking forward to a possible trip to Manhattan where she will be heading to one of her favorite spots to eat. "It's this place called the Cafeteria, it's probably my favoritest (sic) restaurant in the world," Garrett says.

Junior Josue Hernandez says he is anticipating to a trip to the Philippines that may or may not happen due to Typhoon Haiyan's accompanying chaos and destruction. "It might cause delays, and we might not be able to go, but I hope to," he says. "I haven't been since I was ten years old.”

It wouldn't be the holiday season without family, and junior Jade Reyna says she's heading out to the West Coast to connect with some family she hasn't met yet. "I'm going to Sacramento...because my dad's side of the family is out there, and I've never met them before,” Reyna says. Christmas is a wonderful occasion for that sort of thing, and Reyna says the idea of connecting the two sides of her family is exciting. "The whole idea is meeting each other before Christmas...you know when tourists go to Disney World? That's what's going to happen.”

Whatever you're doing to pass these lengthy couple of weeks--travelling the world, enjoying a "staycation” and everything in between--happy holidays and enjoy the time off!

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