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Jazmine Delos Reyes' journey from an AP Psychology student to a College and Career Information Coordinator

"17…that was such a weird transition in your life because you're like an adult, but you're also not an adult yet. It was such an awkward stage." 

Blair's new College and Career Information Coordinator (CCIC) Jazmine Delos Reyes reflects on her time at Northwood Highschool as a 17-year-old. She recalls the discomfort of being neither a child nor a fully fledged adult and juggling the responsibilities of both. While working through this strange phase of her life, her AP Psychology class was a silver lining during her difficult high school years. 

Jazmine Delos Reyes is welcomed as our new College and Career Information Coordinator (CCIC). Photo courtesy of Maggie Megosh.

Her psychology class was what first sparked her interest in the subject. Although her performance on the AP exam was not up to her expectations, the course helped her realize her fascination with the brain. After high school, she decided to follow her passion for both psychology and community service through her undergraduate career as a Psychology major at the University of Maryland College Park. Her path ultimately brought her to Blair as the CCIC. 

Despite thriving in college, Delos Reyes' journey there was far from easy. After immigrating to the United States from the Philippines at nine years old, she had trouble keeping up with school because she did not understand English well. Nevertheless, her parents imposed high expectations on her throughout her education. They harbored hopes that their daughter would pursue a career as either a doctor or a lawyer. Through her diligence, Delos Reyes was able to become a first-generation college student. 

In addition to her parents, her CCIC at Northwood, Ms. Wolfson, was a huge inspiration for her. "She was the one who helped me figure out the financial aid aspect…for college. As a first-year, I knew nothing and she was such a big influence that helped me. Now she's actually one of the college representatives for St. Mary's [College] and I told her, 'You were such a big impact for me,'" Delos Reyes says. 

She previously worked as the CCIC for a school in Anne Arundel County but moved to Blair to serve a more diverse community. "I'm so passionate about serving the community at Blair, by far the most diverse community I could possibly serve. As a woman of color, I think it's so important that I can advocate for kids who are just like me," Delos Reyes says.  

Her passion for serving the youth and for serving her community shows through her weekend commitments as well. "I also serve as a youth leader for my local church [during Fridays and the weekend]. So, I just serve the youth. I'm telling you that my life is dedicated to you guys," Delos Reyes says. 

Hence, due to her commitment to the youth of Blair, she is excited to see her first graduating class, the Class of '23, progress from high school to life as adults. "Thinking about [my first graduating class] makes me cry because…I'm looking forward to the time when they're gonna come back and they're gonna say, 'I have made it,'" she says, tears welling up in her eyes.

Delos Reyes is located in the College and Career Center in room 121. Photo courtesy of Maggie Megosh.

After taking on the role of CCIC, her work life has only gotten busier. Delos Reyes is a teacher during the school day and as a graduate student in the afternoons. Although she has become successful as an academic counselor, she is still working hard towards her longtime goal of becoming a counseling therapist. She is pursuing her master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Johns Hopkins University to become a counseling therapist in the future. 

Her many commitments as a student, teacher, as well as youth church leader keep her occupied throughout the weeks. "There's a lot of things that I need to do and it seems like every time I get a couple of things done, there are more things on my list," she says. 

In her sparse free time, she likes to scroll through TikTok or watch a Netflix show to loosen up. "I have TikTok too. I'm not old…I'm still young," she says jokingly. 

However, she cherishes most the moments when she can just sit back or lay about. "I think my favorite times are when I do nothing," she says. 

Based on her own fast-paced life as an adult, Reyes’ advice for her students is to appreciate their slower-paced life as high school students and be patient about growing up. "The waiting season has a purpose," Delos Reyes says. "I was always like 'go, go, go.' I want[ed] to be an adult and now that I'm an adult, I don't wanna be an adult anymore. It's so ironic because I'm the one who's preparing you guys for after high school, but just take it one day at a time." 

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