A poem from Russia

March 24, 2004, midnight | By Fidan Karimova | 16 years, 8 months ago

Below is a translation of a poem written by a student in Russia followed by the original text.

I am tired of wearing a smile
In return for a cold and cruel smile.
And I wouldn't like to meet him,
Who is neither my brother or a matchmaker.
Please tell me friend
Why should I try to break the glass in others eyes,
And then again to try to melt
The ice in others' hearts?
I'll take my dress of with the hoop skirt
And put a hat on and a frock.
I will apply on board a brigantine
To sail off with the rhythmic waves.
Let those on earth scream, pity, yell and play sarcastic.
I won't give into false tears.
Ahead and only! No turning back.
Let captain of the brigantine
Turn out to be a pirate tough,
No diamonds would I ask for.
Just let him take me with him.
And let my poor reputation thunder
About the daughter that has left.
To lands, with no place for flirtation, intrigues and work pretence.
Let salty water be my dear
And waves my friends at best
The seagulls cry, most welcomed sounds and earth,
With freedom of a bird, just given.
Our boat will be the strangest
From all that did exist on earth.
We'll change the sails from white to purple,
And smiling, sail to meet our Fate.

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