A small but God-like black bag

Oct. 6, 2008, midnight | By Charles Kong | 15 years, 8 months ago

There was a small black bag sitting on a cafeteria table today at the beginning of 5A lunch, alone and unguarded. A girl approached the table and, not knowing what to think of the lone, small black bag or who it belonged to, quietly sat down in her normal seat. Moments later, her friends came in and, also disregarding the small black bag, sat down with her. It seemed like another peaceful and uneventful lunch period, until the very angry owner of the small black bag appeared at the scene.

Maybe she had a bad hair day or something, but boy did she blow up. Five whole minutes of cursing, screaming and swearing passed because her small black bag supposedly reserved the whole table for her, and the other people sitting there had taken her table. I never knew a small black bag could have that much authority, that much power. If her friends hadn't restrained her, I am convinced that she would have started punching and kicking everyone at that table.

Now maybe in some places it is acceptable to flail your arms and curse like a madman, but you don't just illogically erupt and curse everyone out, even if you're going to start an argument. Fine, we'll assume that she indeed had the right to occupy the table because her small black bag was already there, but she should at least be respectful and ask for the people sitting there to move. There is no reason why high school students cannot settle a conflict reasonably and peacefully.

But in the future, please do not simply leave one of your belongings on a table to reserve it for you and your friends. It is absurd how people act surprised when they find out either that their belongings have disappeared or that others have taken their seats. Seriously, if you go into a public building and leave your stuff unattended, don't be flabbergasted when it vanishes. One small black bag cannot defend itself. One small black bag does not have the power to defend your territory. Only your presence can. That's just common sense.

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