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Aug. 2, 2006, midnight | By Clement Yang | 15 years, 9 months ago

"Ant Bully" is refreshingly fun

"What goes around comes around." This tenet of wisdom proved especially true for Lucas Nickle (voiced by Zach Tyler), the protagonist in Warner Brother's fabulous new computer-generated flick, "Ant Bully."

Nickle is a young bullied boy who, in a bout of frustration, takes out his anger on the anthill near his house. In turn, the frightened colony of ants concocts a magical potion that shrinks Lucas to ant size. Nicknamed "The Destroyer," Lucas is kidnapped by the ants for punishment. And so begins the wildly entertaining epic journey of a young boy who sets out to prove that he is a human, with human feelings, and that he is not a mindless "Ant Bully."

Once brought before the queen ant of the colony (Meryl Streep), Lucas expects to be punished severely at the hands of his insect captors. Instead, the compassionate queen ant sentences him to a few days of life within the colony, so that the so dubbed "Ant Bully" will learn the ways of ants and realize that ants are sentient beings with feelings as well. This decision shocks the ants of the colony, and no one is willing to assume responsibility for him. But alas, Hova, an empathetic female ant (Julia Roberts) steps forward and offers to take him under her wing.

Eventually, Lucas finds a few friends among the ants. His best buddies include the caring Hova and her wizard boyfriend, Zoc (Nicolas Cage), an ant army drill sergeant named Kreela (Regina King) and Fugax (Bruce Campbell), a scout ant who overzealously indulges in crazy adventurous antics that constantly put his friends in danger.

The fantastical plotline, as well as the computer animation, are supported by the film's its slapstick humor. Hova, for example, mentions that Lucas has a soft body and would make a good meal, but that she could not eat him because she had promised the queen she would take care of him, saying, "Cross my heart, I will not eat you" while crossing her lower abdomen. Lucas in turn replies, "I said cross your heart, not your butt!"

Julia Roberts' and Nicolas Cage's heartfelt performances are also notable. Through their voice acting, they were able to portray these "humanized" ants to the fullest extent.

"The Ant Bully" features a memorable story filled with off-the-wall humor and is a great movie for the whole family, especially younger children.

"The Ant Bully" 88 minutes long and is rated PG for some mildly rude humor and action and is now playing in area theaters.

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