Addie's: A delicious dinner experience

Sept. 1, 2005, midnight | By Juliet Garlow | 18 years, 7 months ago

Home-like restaurant serves comfort food

Addie's Restaurant, an unexpectedly quaint and quiet restaurant sits right on the edge of Rockville Pike adjacent to a rowdy beer-drinking joint. The cozy restaurant is located in a cottage-like house with a small outdoor seating area covered by a blue canopy.

The interior is designed to let people relax while they eat. One room is painted a soft yellow, while the other is painted a pea green. Both colors have a remarkably calming effect. The walls are decorated with abstract pictures of food, and the curtains have cheery, floral patterns. Large sunflowers in vases are scattered throughout the restaurant, but are not appealing as they droop in a goofy manner because of their size. The décor of the restaurant sets a romantic and peaceful mood for the diners.

The waiters, like the interior, are very welcoming. Each waiter acts like a host, offering their opinions on each dish, and frequently checking on the status of each table. Even on crowded nights the food is served in a short time. However, while the waiters treat each customer graciously, their loud and irksome voices can be heard from the kitchen, the next room over. While the voices prove to be distracting during the wait, they are easily forgotten when the food arrives.

Addie's serves a variety of meats and seafood. Steak and chicken are available, but the seafood dishes are the most abundant. Their Alaskan Halibut, $22, is cooked so it is fluffy and plump and flakes off easily. A thick brown broth filled with spices and herbs surrounds the fish and adds an enjoyable taste, contrasting with the halibut's neutral flavor. The Gulf Shrimp Linguini, $19, is worth the price as it includes heaps of pasta and a dozen huge shrimp. A creamy, buttery sauce, similar to an alfredo sauce, covers the mounds of pasta. The sauce is rich and definitely not made for people who are watching their weight. If you're not counting your calories, this dish is excellent and very filling. The roasted corn chowder is very satisfying, but would be most enjoyable on a cold winter evening. With its creamy texture and warm temperature, the sweet corn chowder is the epitome of comfort food.

Although the food and décor is inviting, the prices are not nearly as friendly. Prices range from $8-10 for appetizers, $18-30 for entrées, and $6-10 for desserts. A party of four can not expect to eat at Addie's for less than $80. Addie's is not suitable for small children or a group of teenagers as the menu caters to mature and adapted palates, and the food is relatively expensive. This restaurant is the perfect place for an older couple or families with mature children, but mostly a nice spot to have brunch with grandma on a Sunday.

Addie's Restaurant is located at 11120 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852-3105.
To contact Addie's call 301-881-0081. Metro: Grosvenor (Red Line) near White Flint Mall.

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