AP Modern World History's First Year at Blair

Sept. 25, 2001, midnight | By Nora Toiv | 21 years, 2 months ago

AP Modern World History is being taught for the first time at Blair and for the second time in the country.

As with NSL and U.S. History Modern World History is a required
history course. Students now have the option to take Modern World as an AP class.

The course was taught for the first time last year elsewhere in
the country and Blair quickly picked up the new class.

James Mogge, Kevin Moose, and Karen Zeh are the three
teachers who have stepped up to the challenge of teaching such a new class.

Mogge has had experience in teaching AP classes such as AP
European History and in teaching honors Modern World History.

Mogge thinks that AP Modern World is a ”great class.” He is
happy that students now have the chance to take a required course as an AP class. ”It is great to open up the opportunity for students to take the AP test,”said Mr. Mogge.

AP Modern World differs from honors Modern World in that AP
covers more time and therefore more history. The AP version places greater focus on themes.

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