Balla, Desiree

Dec. 10, 2002, midnight | 18 years, 1 month ago

by Alex Gersh

Name: Ms. Desiree Balla
Subject: Biology
Previous Jobs: Teaching High School in North Carolina, taught kindergarten at a private school for a year and a half.
Came to Blair in: 1995

Every morning, Ms. Desiree Balla goes to room 345 to teach. She finishes her day at eleven o'clock with a smile. She enjoys the time she spends in class, bettering the lives of her pupils and making a meaningful contribution to their future. She has been teaching at Montgomery Blair High School for seven years, and hopes to continue her beneficial contributions to the students here.

Before coming to Blair in 1995, Balla had many other teaching experiences, which contributed to her success as a teacher at Blair. "I taught in North Carolina for a couple years and I actually taught kindergarten for a year and a half at a private school," recalled Balla.

Despite only teaching a few classes now, she has taught a broader scope of subjects in previous years. "I teach Biology and Honors Biology, but in the past I've taught Matter and Energy also," explained Balla. She says that the honors classes take more effort but she is up to the challenge.

Balla finds teaching the same class rewarding and interesting. "It's always different every day and every year. It keeps you motivated. While the subject matter may be the same, the experiences are different," she said.

Balla's uses many different teaching techniques to make her class more interesting. "I tell them stories and experiences that apply. I bring in props…and of course labs when we can," she said.

Balla also uses a new method of teaching to get her students to learn the material. "I employ the things that are being taught through SST, which is a new program involving activators and summarizers," said Balla.

When Balla thinks back proudly on her past students, one particular student comes to mind. "My fondest memory of teaching was a student that I had years ago. I still keep in touch and feel that I made a difference in their life," said Balla. This student is proof that Balla's work permanently affects the lives of her students.

Although Balla does not currently sponsor any school activities, she hints that she may do so in the future. Managing a family with children and a classroom at the same time can be quite difficult, but Balla is adept at balancing her life. Although it may be hard, she continues to work hard for the benefit of her pupils. Balla teaches more than just Biology, she shows that if you believe in what you are doing and work hard enough, you will succeed.

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