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Feb. 2, 2005, midnight | By Ellie Blalock | 15 years, 11 months ago

Blair suffers demoralizing loss to strong squad


The Blair girls have been through a lot this season, faced with an ever more dismal record and no obvious explanation as to why. The team is full of solid players who know the fundamentals and are ready to lead, yet somehow, the girls just can't put together what they need for a win. Perhaps it is a compounding sense of desperation after losing nine consecutive games which keeps the Blazers from putting together a solid offense and playing aggressively as they continue to fall just short of overtaking their opponents.

Wednesday's game against Blake did not offer any answers. The Blazers fell 43-65 to a team that was both quick and aggressive and which afforded Blair little chance to make mistakes. The fact is that the Blake game wasn't the time for the Blazers to turn their season around, and with a tough line-up to come over the next few weeks, the outlook is not bright for a team which showed so much potential and zeal at the beginning of the season.

It became obvious by the end of the first half that Blake was in position to rob Blair of another potentially morale-boosting win. At half-time, Blair was down 32-21 and the Bengals had sunk three three-pointers. The Blazers had sunk zero. Shooting range was just one aspect of the game, however, that Blake dominated. The Bengals passed smoothly and efficiently, and continually made effortless steals which they could easily turn into valuable shots. While Blair also stole well, they failed to capitalize on opportunities and thus dug themselves into an ever-deeper hole.

There was good news amid the bad, however. Several Blazers contributed solid play to this game, most notably junior Cate Rassman, who scored 11 points in the first half and assisted in several key plays. Senior Tigisty Berhe came into the game in the first quarter and had an impressive steal in the fifth minute. Senior Angela Hayes also came off the bench ready to win, sinking two free-throws and contributing several two-pointers. The team in general seemed very motivated to break their slump, taking advantage of the last few minutes of half-time to attentively practice their shooting.

However, Blake's consistency in the very fundamentals which Blair girls have been lacking in lately paid off as the clock ran down. The Bengals continued a solid defense which boxed in Blair's top-scorers and prevented them from threatening the lead. Blake also continued to score at every opportunity, further frustrating the exasperated Blazers. Despite effort from juniors Sara Pierce and Rahesia McDonald just before the buzzer, the Bengals were able to watch their victory go unchallenged.

The Blazers' next game is Friday, Feb. 4 vs. Sherwood at home at 5:15 p.m.

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