Blair blow-out breaks losing streak

Feb. 4, 2005, midnight | By Ellie Blalock | 15 years, 11 months ago

Blazers defeat Warriors 55-27


For nine consecutive games the Blazers have been pummeled by opponents who always seemed to be one step ahead. They would fall behind in the first half and then gradually watch as their deficit mounted with each passing minute. On Friday night, however, the tables were turned. Blair soundly defeated the Sherwood Warriors 55-27 in a game that can only be described as a total team effort.

In this game, the Blazers employed a seemingly relentless offense like that which, in the hands of past opponents, did them in so many times this season. Everyone was nailing their shots, the passes were crisp and the whole team had a little extra pep in their step. Perhaps a mild shake-up of the starting five prompted the turn-around, as the fresh legs of seniors Brittany Higgins, Vicky Dean and Jawana Henderson and juniors Sara Pierce and Cate Rassman took to the court eager to win one at home. All five contributed greatly to this win. Higgins started the game off with a nice lay-up in the first quarter, accounting for two of her 14 points overall. Rassman excelled as usual with two three-pointers within 30 seconds of each other in the first quarter and eight points in the first half alone. Pierce, a substitute in the past, played a strong game, particularly in the third quarter when she delivered two two-pointers, one of which turned into a three-point-play after the free-throw.

In addition to the starters, Blair's substitutes also brought energy to the court and to the scoreboard. Junior Jessica Dubose and seniors Tigisty Berhe and AJ Willis all played lovely fourth quarters, each nailing a two-pointer apiece. This victory worked not because of one player, but because of each girl doing her part. The defense constantly kept their hands up and stayed on Sherwood's players as they attempted to shoot, resulting in fewer attempts, many errant balls and plenty of rebound opportunities. Defense really shined in the third quarter, when Sherwood scored only two points throughout the entire period versus the 21 total points scored by Blair. This period turned the Blazers' modest half-time lead of 22-11 into a virtual sure bet at 43-13.

In the final period, when Blair could have just let the clock run out and reveled in a feel-good win, they chose not to, showing marked improvement in consistency and ability to sustain energy. Coach James Mogge brought in several substitutes this period, and though Sherwood would outscore them in the fourth quarter by two points, the Blazers' energy just kept climbing. The final score may be evidence of a change in the wind, good news for the girls, who will face Richard Montgomery, who they lost to 48-42 earlier this season, and Gaithersburg (17-0) next week.

The Blazers' next game is Tuesday, Feb. 8 at Richard Montgomery at 5:15 p.m.

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