Blair girls defeated soundly in season-opener

Sept. 3, 2004, midnight | By Ellie Blalock | 16 years, 4 months ago

Wootton dominates in 0-6 victory


Tonight the Blair girls' soccer team began its season on an unfortunately sour note, falling 0-6 to a very dominant Wootton squad. The first goal came within the first few minutes of the match, and left the Blair girls panicked and apprehensive. This tentativeness would hurt Blair later in the game, as Wootton's lead mounted and a comeback became more and more improbable.

After playing well through most of the first half, the team lost focus and played with a passivity that allowed five goals to score in the second half, despite a valiant effort by senior goalie Julia Simon-Mishel. Weak offense from the Blair forwards kept the Blazers off of the scoreboard, as the girls repeatedly missed chances to score and did not utilize strong communication. Coach Robert Gibb felt that the team was not passing enough laterally, which the Wootton girls did well throughout the game.

After Wootton struck first with their early goal, the Blazers held their heads high and stayed in the game, despite minimal offense. Blair continued not capitalizing on chances to score, and not challenging the aggressive offense of their opponents. Senior Ria Richardson made several attempts late in the first half, but was unsuccessful.

Halftime found the girls somewhat dejected, and they returned to the field listless and unprepared for the offensive attack the Wootton players were about to deliver. As goal after goal hit the net, Blair's enthusiasm and fighting spirit fell apart, along with hopes of an offensive recovery. The Wootton girls came up with excellent defense, and they were sadly able to thwart any possible threats from the Blazers. The sixth and final goal was scored in the last two minutes of play, and when the whistle blew it put an end to a true routing of the Blair team on their first game of the season.

Gibb believes that the team "can play better," and has higher hopes for future games. However, he felt that tonight the Blazers gave up too much after putting in good effort early. "To be honest I was a little embarrassed," he said. "We played well in the first half, but [in the second half] we utterly fell apart."

Blair's next game is Sept 14 at Whitman High School at 7:00 p.m.

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