Blair girls' soccer vanquish Wheaton Knights

Sept. 21, 2023, 8:57 p.m. | By Lillian Paterson | 10 months ago

The Blazers dominated start to finish, constantly keep the Knights on their toes

On Wednesday, Sept. 21, the Blair Blazers (7-0) bested the Wheaton Knights (3-1) in a hard-fought game ending 3-0. Both teams played with energy and vigor, hoping to maintain their winning streaks. 

For the first twenty minutes of the half, the game stayed scoreless as the Blazers, led by senior striker Elena Fernandez and junior midfielder Harriette Ngwatung attacked the goal over and over again to no avail. The team’s ability to communicate and work as a unit was what allowed them to maintain possession of the ball, and their lack of goals came down to poor shooting technique and good goalkeeping from the Knights. Eventually, sophomore striker Merron Koro slid in her first goal of the night. 

The team came off their first goal of the night with renewed energy, but the second portion of the half was not much different than the first. The Blazer offensive continued to battle the Knights defense, more specifically, their goalkeeper and the out-of-bounds lines. 

Senior defender Eliza Warren prepares to throw the ball in Photo courtesy of Thea Womack.

When the Knights managed to get to the opposite side of the field, Blair's defense led by Senior Eliza Palmer quickly pushed the ball back up the field and to offense. Wheaton was defending most of the game, and as the clock ticked down to end the second half, it was clear that the Knights were falling apart. The half ended 1-0. The score was tight, but going into the next forty minutes it was clear the Blazers would continue to dominate. 

The Blazers pushed up the field fast at the start of the half, and Ngwatung converted a corner kick to an attempt on goal. Offense followed up with another shot, each of which either missed the net or was picked up by the Knights goalkeeper. Each goal kick and punt back down the field to Blair’s defending side was followed up with powerful pushes forward by defense. 

Senior midfielder Josie Gleason gets ready to pass Photo courtesy of Thea Womack.

Korro found the net once again, after almost thirty minutes of attempt after attempt. The goal pushed the Blazers to continue their relentless attacks on the Knights, and eight minutes later senior Alma Zhong scored the final goal of the night, making the score 3-0. 

As the clock ticked down to zero, Blair spent the final seconds of the game keeping the ball as far away from the Knights as possible.

As the Blazers prepare for the first of their divisional matches next week, Coach Gibb is confident in the team’s ability to continue to dominate. “I thought we played with composure and worked much better as a unit which is good because we need to do that soon when the big girls come to town,” he says

Sophomore striker Meron Koro switches with senior striker Sally Peyrebrune Photo courtesy of Thea Womack.

Zhong also expresses confidence in Blair's performance. “The season’s been great, we’ve been on a seven-game win streak, it’s been amazing, we’ve scored some amazing goals,” she says. 

The Blazers will face off against Einstein away Tuesday, Sept. 26 playing their first divisional game against Walter Johnson at home on Sept. 28 at 7:15 PM. Tickets can be found here.

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