Blair honors its athletes at Winter Sports Awards Ceremony

March 13, 2006, midnight | By Merlyn Deng | 18 years, 4 months ago

Athletic Blazers receive awards in athletic and academic achievement

Winter sports team coaches presented awards to selected Blazers who performed exceptionally this season at the annual Winter Sports Awards Ceremony held tonight in the auditorium. Coaches gave out the "Most Valuable Player" award (MVP), the "Most Improved" award (MI), the "Outstanding Senior" award (OS) and the "Coach's Award" (CA).

Athletic Director Dale Miller began the evening's reception by thanking the coaches and athletes. Miller said that 205 athletes participated this winter season. Of those 205, 106 were designated as "Scholar-Athletes," athletes who maintained a 3.25 GPA or higher during the season. In addition, 18 more students were designated as "All-A's" athletes, students who had maintained a perfect 4.0 GPA.

After Miller called the "All-A's" students on stage to receive patches, the coaches began to present awards. While announcing the winners, the coaches highlighted accomplishments of the teams during the season, as well as the accomplishments of individual players and the contributions of parents and teachers.

The award winners are as follows:

Swimming and Diving - Coach David Swaney
MVP: Kelsey Dean, senior; Tyler Wilchek, senior
MI: Anna Chiplis, senior; David Goode, junior
CA: Francesca Blume, sophomore; Christoff Visscher, sophomore
OS: Diana Frey, senior; Bryan Erikson, senior

Varsity Wrestling - Coach Jake Scott
MVP: Jean Ulysse, senior
MI: Haben Ghebremeschel, sophomore
CA: Michael Street, junior

JV Wrestling - Coach Jake Scott
MVP: Jonathan Brown, junior
MI: Dag Otto Groennaess, junior
OS: Monica Maher, senior

Cheerleading - Coach Roxanne Fus, Sarah Fillman-McLean
MVP: Truc Luu, senior
MI: Marisa Goodman, junior
CA: Shirla Williams, junior
OS: Sarita Johnson, senior

Indoor Track - Coach Heather Amell, Carl Lewin
MVP: Halsey Sinclair, junior
MI: Nilan Schnure, sophomore
CA: Joshua Uzzell, junior
OS: Thomas Dugan, senior

POMS - Coach Amy Thomas
MVP: Zoe Bell, junior
MI: Nathaly Lobo, freshman
CA: Janan Wyatt, junior
OS: Hayley Arnold, senior

Varsity Girls Basketball - Coach James Mogge
MVP: Cate Rassman, senior
MI: Jamay Walker, senior
CA: Sara Pierce, senior
OS: Jessica Dubose, senior

JV Girls Basketball - Coach Karen Andrews
MVP: Kalisha Holmes, sophomore
MI: Ramita Dewan, freshman
CA: Rachita Sood, sophomore

Varsity Boys Basketball - Coach Orlando Larracuente
MVP: Petros Fentahun, senior
MI: Mohammed Roberson, junior
CA: Tori Patton, junior
OS: Jacob Wade, senior

JV Boys Basketball - Coach Emmanuel Charles
MVP: Quentin Snively, junior
MI: Leon Sampson, freshman
CA: Edward Kolleh, freshman

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