Blair implements new fire drill policy

Nov. 30, 1999, midnight | By Ellie Blalock | 21 years, 1 month ago

Blair has instituted a new fire drill policy for the new school year in which students are seated with their homeroom classes during a drill, rather than with the classes they have that period. This policy was in effect during the fire drill last Friday.

The policy is meant to end the confusion many students faced last year when the fire alarm rang between classes or during their lunch period when they had no specified place to go. "You always go to the same location, so if there's an emergency during your lunch period, you always know where to go. It's made to be less confusing," said Fus.

Every student's assigned stadium row is printed on his or her ID. These row assignments will remain the same throughout the time a student is at Blair in order to further reduce confusion.

Physical education and homeroom teacher Louis Hoelman agreed that the new policy reduces confusion during drills, but it does not solve other problems like overcrowding, which he observed last Friday. "[The new policy] ends the confusion if the drill starts between classes or during lunch. One thing I do not like is that there is no room in the rows for [students]. They have not given enough room for each class," he said.

Junior Natalie Berger agreed that the fire drill policy has flaws. "It works in theory, but I don't think it's really going to work out when you only see your homeroom a few times a year, it makes it hard to keep track of everyone," she said.

Hoelman also felt that not knowing his homeroom might make fire drills more difficult for himself and other teachers this year. "When you do it with the homeroom you don't know the students very well. It's especially hard for ninth grade teachers," he said.

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