BLAIR PAIR: Is 2009 the lucky year?

March 13, 2009, midnight | By Alisa Lu Anika Manzoor | 11 years, 10 months ago

Guitar-strumming M meets manga-obsessed F - will they hit it off?

Ah, springtime. The weather is warming up and the flowers are beginning to bloom - as is luuurve, hopefully. Sophomores Kirstyn Ross-Roach and Amir Gorjifard kick off this season of Blair's own dating game - will they bond over burritos or will your Blair Pair matchmakers need to find a new gig?

Photo: Amir and Kirstyn volunteered for Blair Pair's first date of 2009.

Summer plans:
Him: "Florida, Beach, New York, EMT and guitar."
Her: "I'm moving to Singapore at the end of the summer, but I'm also going to Blacksburg, Virginia - my hometown - Atlanta, San Francisco and either Tokyo or Hong Kong. I also hope to get a summer job at Forever 21. I'm crossing my fingers on that one, I really want that employee discount."

Three desert island must-haves:
Him: "Guitar, iPod, and 'To Kill a Mockingbird.' "
Her: "A knife, penicillin and a lot of good novels."

Weirdest thing you've ever eaten:
Him: "Susan B. Anthony dollar quarter."
Her: "I used to eat soap and glue a lot when I was a kid, which looking back on it is pretty weird."

Your romantic history in three words:
Him: "Waiting for Jolie."
Her: "A huge disaster."

Wed. March 11

At approximately 3 p.m., a member of the Blair Pair team awkwardly held a sign for the anticipated first Blair Pair couple, enduring taunts from passerbys who believed she was one half of the date. After anxiously waiting for about ten minutes, said Blair Pair official sighed with relief when the two daters finally laid eyes on each other.

Kirstyn: "He didn't look scary, so that was good. And he didn't seem crazy, so that was also good."
Amir: "I thought she was just a normal girl. She dressed nice."

After initial introductions, the two were led over to Fajita Coast to begin their date. Although the first few minutes of their encounter was slightly uncomfortable, they soon became at ease once a brave volunteer sparked the conversation.

Kirstyn: "In the beginning it was kind of awkward. We started talking and we actually have a lot in common, so after that it sort of flowed. I think we got along pretty well. He was really funny, I was...laughing the entire time."
Amir: "It was kind of awkward in the beginning until we got to talking and we had some stuff in common."
Kirstyn: "We both like bananas. We have similar religious views."

She notes that the conversation was mostly random because "that's how I usually am. When it got kind of awkward, either he and I would jump in and make it...less awkward."

The pair also agreed over another important aspect of the date - the food. They ordered the same entree, which they both enjoyed.
Kirstyn: "I ordered some kind of quesadilla and he got the same thing because he always wanted to say, 'I'll have what she's having.' "
Amir: "I just couldn't pick so I just had whatever she wanted. It was delicious."
Kirstyn: "We never knew that the restaurant was there and it was really good."

Before they knew it, over an hour had passed and Amir was rushing to catch the bus. The two were so hurried they weren't able to exchange contact info.
Amir: "It lasted for one hour and 15 minutes. I almost missed my bus."
Kirstyn: "No we didn't [exchange information], because he had to run for the bus, but maybe tomorrow."

Overall, Kirstyn and Amir enjoyed their time together. But, alas, it seems that only friendship is written in the stars for these two.
Kirstyn: "[On a scale of 5, I would rate the date] probably a 4. I could have been set up with a creeper or something, so it's automatically a 2...He reminds me of most of my friends, so I didn't feel weird talking to him or anything, so that was good."
Amir: "She was smart and funny. She was cool, but it didn't really feel like a date." Amir gave the date a 3.5. "[It was like meeting] a new friend for lunch. I felt like this whole romantic thing was being forced and I saw her as a friend."

Blazers, Blair Pair is still looking for singles wishing to be set up. For a chance to meet "the one," check out the application here and e-mail it to

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