Blair thrashes Wheaton 5-0

Oct. 18, 2005, midnight | By Jonah Gold | 14 years, 11 months ago

Boys soccer dominates defensively in shutout


The boys' varsity soccer team played one of their best games today against Wheaton, dominating both offensively and defensively in a 5-0 rout. Blair capitalized on several scoring opportunities and with the return of Yendoukoa Lamboni, there was added speed on an offense that repeatedly broke through the porous Wheaton defense. Blair won for the second straight game, improving their record to 6-4.

The Blazers have often been stagnant on offense this season, but tonight they lit up the goal, mostly due to Lamboni who came back after a three game suspension for theft. Lamboni scored the first goal for Blair on an excellent through pass from outside the box. Lamboni received the pass and found himself one on one with goalie. He quickly gave a the ball a light tap, but it was strong enough to get by the keeper for a score. The play showed two major developments for Blair in tonight's game: one was the ability for Blair to pass effectively up to forwards and the second was the capacity for Blair to score when given the opportunity. Often forwards have received the ball with few options available, ending the play before it has even started.

Senior co-captain Adam MacLeod felt that Lamboni was essential to tonight's offensive burst. "Lamboni gave us a chance to keep all of forwards fresh. He gives us a lot of fire off the bench." It was this intensity from Lamboni and others that kept Blair in control of the game.

Later in the first half junior Alex Asare-Wassow scored the second goal from Blair. In what initially looked like a cross, Asare-Wassow kicked the ball hard and low towards the inner box. However, instead of the ball being intercepted by a Blair forward, the ball simply slipped under the Wheaton keeper who dived too slowly to stop the hard shot.

While the score was only 2-0, Blair was in control of the game going into half time. With a solid offensive effort and stellar game from Blair's defense, Wheaton became increasingly frustrated in the second half as their chance of winning began to vanish. As the game progressed both teams became more physical and in total 6 yellow cards were handed out in tonight's game. "They got physical first and we responded back, but that's not any good. In the end they were mostly fouling out of frustration," said MacLeod.

On one play junior Firew Abirham accidentally kicked a Wheaton forward while attempting to trap a ball in mid-air. After his foot hit the Wheaton forward in the face, Abirham's foot descended upon the opposing player's neck, sending the forward to the hospital and Abirham temporarily to the bench.

Even as the game descended somewhat into chaos, Blair remained its offensive composure and scored three more times in the second half. Senior forwards Vincent Howard and Patrick Beckford both scored and Lamboni added his second goal of the game. Once Blair had full control of the game the Blazers put in several younger or less experienced substitutes. Blair was able to keep up a quick tempo towards the end of the game because the new players were so fresh.

Overall this was one of Blair's most solid games this season. With a mix of effective offense and shutdown defense, Blair was able to defeat Wheaton with ease. Blair showed progression in their passing efficiency as well as their ability to convert on the scoring chances provided.

Blair's next game is away against Einstein on Oct. 19 at 7:00 p.m.

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