Blair wrestling falls to Bengals but handles the Titans

Jan. 16, 2006, midnight | By Clair Briggs | 15 years, 5 months ago

Record stands at 3-7 after splitting tri-meet


After a six-game losing streak, the Blair varsity wrestling team ended today's meet against Blake and Einstein with a 3-7 season record. They lost 27-49 to the Blake Bengals but then rebounded to easily beat the Einstein Titans 42-28.

The Blake Bengals began their match against Blair tired from defeating Einstein 24-12 just minutes earlier, but still managed to pull a win off against the well-rested Blazers. First up to wrestle was senior Monica Maher (112). The crowd yelled encouraging messages to Maher as she stepped onto the mat, determined to start the team off right. But in the end her opponent was just too strong, wearing her down and pinning her with only 34 seconds left in the second period. Junior Jacob Weinfeld (119) lost 5-7, making the score 0-9 in favor of Blake.

Blair saw a glimpse of a comeback when sophomore Haben Ghebremeschel (125) dominated his entire match, pinning his opponent with 15 seconds remaining in the second period and bringing the Blazers up to 6-9. The Blazers regained their momentum after losing one match, winning two consecutive matches with pins to bring Blair ahead, 18-15.

However, the score continued to flip-flop between the two teams. This time, it was Blake who won two consecutive matches with pins, giving them the lead, 18-27. Senior Jean Ulysse (160) dominated his opponent, pinning him with 46 seconds left in the first quarter. Blair was now at 24-27, with only a few matches to go, and the match seemed to lie in the hands of junior Mike Street (171). He fought hard, escaping several close pins, but at the end of the third period, the score was 3-12 in favor of Blake.

Blake's wrestler began the next match by slamming senior James Gillette (189) onto the mat, injuring his neck. Gillette was forced to forfeit, and after that the match was pretty much given to the Bengals. One Blair loss, pin and forfeit later, it was over, 27-49.

Many Blazers were disappointed with the loss. "We should have beat this team; the two forfeits really hurt us. We didn't do our best; if we had we could have beat this team," said Street.

Tired and frustrated, the team prepared to face Einstein in the next meet. Ghebremeschel (125) and sophomore Phine Ulysse (135) continued to be dominant forces, defeating their opponents 15-4 and 5-3 in overtime, respectively. After several wins and forfeits by Einstein, the Blazers were ahead 31-28. Senior Patrick Lao (103) easily beat his opponent, 19-4, making the overall score 36-28 by a technical fall. The most exciting part of the match came when Maher (112) managed to pin her opponent. The crowd cheered loudly as the Blazers ended the day with a 42-28 win over Einstein.

The wrestling team faces Paint Branch and Magruder High School at 2 p.m. on Jan. 28.

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