Blair's 2005 Awards Night honors over 100 students

May 26, 2005, midnight | By June Hu | 15 years, 8 months ago

Deceased senior awarded Terry Hicks scholarship

One-hundred-fifty Blair students were presented 36 different awards during the annual Blair Awards Night on Wednesday, May 25 at 7 p.m. Presenters said this year's awards ceremony is "a particularly difficult one" because of the recent death of senior Andrew Helgeson, who was to receive the Terry Hicks scholarship.

Photo: Health Education Teacher John MacDonald presents the Outstanding Athlete award to senior Patrick Detzner during May 25's Awards Night.

Students filed onto the auditorium stage to the national anthem, performed on the piano by junior Dena Tran, who received the Fine Arts department's Outstanding Piano Student award. Master of Ceremony, vice principal Linda Wanner, introduced 13 award presenters, among whom were Blair teachers, representatives from the U.S. Marine Corps and Charles Hatcher, a speaker from the Silver Spring chapter of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity.

After Wanner described the Terry Hicks All-Around Student award, a scholarship started by Blair alumni in 1984, French teacher Arlette Loomis made a speech on behalf of Helgeson's family. Loomis, who taught Helgeson and his sister, praised the Terry Hicks award recipient as a "genuinely good person." She believes that he was "lucky" that he knew he got the award before passing away. Everyone in the auditorium observed a moment of silence in memory of Helgeson, and administrators passed boxes of tissues around both on and offstage to those who were crying after the speech.

The 2005 Awards Night, organized by Social Studies teacher Patricia Anderson, honored the academic, artistic, scientific and athletic achievements of the following students:

Award Name
Silver Spring Alumni Chapter Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity African American Book Award
John Orr
Charles Hatcher
Terry Hicks All-Around Student Award
Andrew Helgeson
Ted Parker
Bob Jarboe
Marian Greenblatt Scholarship
Kiran Belani
Joann Malone
U.S. Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Award
Gaston Jeanty

W.E.B. Dubois Society Essay Contest Winners
1st place—Agia Alston
2nd place—Armin Rosen
3rd place—Sahil Shah
Jeanette Simmons
Sharon Williams
W.E.B. Dubois Society Outstanding Service
Rodney Derose
Danielle Foster
Christina LaFontant
Sheri Lawal
Adedeji Ogunfolu
Jeanette Simmons
Sharon Williams
Outstanding Athlete
Victoria Dean
Patrick Detzner
John MacDonald
Outstanding Sportsmanship
Brittany Higgins
Kenan Myers
John MacDonald
Scholar Athlete
Ari Halper-Stromberg
Kristina Yang
John MacDonald
U.S. Marine Distinguished Athlete
Alexa Gabriel
Justin Roman
John MacDonald
Communication Arts Program 10th Anniversary Scholarship
Feza Kikaya
Allison Elvove
Delores D'Angelo
Outstanding in Media
Morgan Luker
Chris Nguyen-Gia
John Visclosky
Delores D'Angelo
Wellesley Book Award
Monica Huang
Delores D'Angelo
Cornell Book Award
Pearl Horng
Vickie Adamson
Dartmouth Book Award
Chelsea Zhang
Vickie Adamson
Columbia Gold Circle
1st—John Visclosky
2nd—Sheila Rajagopal
2nd—Melanie Thompson
Vickie Adamson
1st in Front Page Design—Jeffrey Dunn
1st in News Writing—Cori Cohen, Adedeji Ogunfolu

1st in Sports Writing—Ellie Blalock
2nd in News Writing—Anthony Glynn

2nd in Sports Writing—Ellie Blalock
3rd in News Writing—Katherine Zhang
3rd in Sports Writing—Kristina Yang

Vickie Adamson
NSPA Best Feature
Sherri Geng
Vickie Adamson
1st Editorial—Lauren Finkel
1st Info Graphic—Fidan Karimova
1st Newspaper Profiles—Sherri Geng
1st Newspaper Review—Eric Glover
1st Sports, Game Coverage—Lauren Finkel
2nd Features—Renee Park
2nd In-Depth News—Sherri Geng
2nd Magazine Prose—Eric Glover
3rd Editorial—Nora Onley
3rd Info Graphic—Sheila Rajapogal
Vickie Adamson
Scholastic Feature Story
Sherri Geng
Julyssa Lopez
Vickie Adamson
Scholastic Golden Key
June Hu
Vickie Adamson
Scholastic Sports Story
Kristina Yang
Vickie Adamson
Outstanding Seniors in English
Wilma Bainbridge
Maria Coleman
Greg Cox
Hannah Fegley
Alexander Foreman
Abigail Fraeman
Sherri Geng
Roxana Hadadi
Erica Hartmann
Mary Kate Johnston
Sheri Lawal
Kendra Leigh
Sheila Rajagopal
Bonan Ren
Amelia Sagoff
Adam Schuyler
Joanna Skeath
Jacqueline Villadsen
Min Wu
Vickie Adamson
Caltech Signature Award
Chelsea Zhang
Eileen Steinkraus
Simmons College Kimmerling Book Award for Women in the Sciences and Technology
Kiran Belani
Eileen Steinkraus
Intel Science Talent Search Finalists and Semi-Finalists
Ameer Abutaleb
Peter Bullen
Patrick Detzner
Jeffery Dunn
Michael Forbes
Abigail Fraeman
Sherri Geng
Justin Kovac
Tencia Lee
Renee Park
Prasanna Vasudevan
Samuel Wight
Kenhui Yin
Eileen Steinkraus
Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award
Sally Lanar
Jennifer Kempf
George Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Science Medal
Hieu Nguyen
Jennifer Kempf
Worcester Polytechnic Institute Award for Leadership and Innovation in Math and Science
Kelsey Dean
Jennifer Kempf
Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology
Kamilia Butler-Peres
Jennifer Kempf
Science Department Senior Student of the Year
Trang Nguyen
Jennifer Kempf
Outstanding Social Studies Student
Douglas Adams
Daniel Aisen
Julianna Allen
Nneoma Amai-Obi
Nathan Barrymore
Lydia Beasley
Natalie Berger
Olivia Bevacqua
Ellie Blalock
Rachel Bowles
Atsede Bullo
Daniel Cate
Spencer Chang
Martino Choi
Brian Crawford
Christina Do
William Dreher
Nicholas Falgout
Hannah Fegley
Ilya Ganelin
Bradford Gee
Alexander Gersh
Martin Gilbert
Daniel Greene
Vaibhav Gupta
Roxana Hadadi
Ari Halper-Stromberg
Neil Hofman
Lisa Howe
Christina Ji
Ashley Jurinka
Saul Kinter
Sheri Lawal
Amanda Lee
Angela Lee
Daniel Lee
Kevin Lin
William McManigle
Thomas Meyer
Ryan O'Connor
Gabriel Osborne
Julia Penn
Joanna Pinto-Coelho
Ely Portillo
Lillian Rosen
Bezawit Sabeteshi
Julia Simon-Mishel
Denis Sosnovtseve
Karima Tawfik
Melanie Thompson
Nancy Tran
Nicholas Tucker
Christopher Wilhelm
Kendra Williams
Janelle Winters
Paul Wong
Eric Wu
Phyllis Xu
Joann Malone
Outstanding Piano Student
Dena Tran
Sara Josey

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