Blair's floor hockey league will continue

Nov. 22, 2002, midnight | By Laura Blythe-Goodman | 18 years, 2 months ago

While Blair's floor hockey league faces some changes this year under the supervision of history teacher Bob Gibb, students continue to be enthusiastically looking forward to the league's first game on December 5.

Although applications will continue to be turned in, Gibb does not think it will take that long to form the league. "Right now we're just accepting rosters for teams applying. The deadline is before Thanksgiving break, but we should have enough teams to form a league before that," said Gibb.

One of the changes Gibb made to the league is requiring at least two females on the floor at all times. This change is in place to "bring down the testosterone [level] of the games," says senior Pete Johnson, who is returning to playing floor hockey this year. "Last year people got really competitive; it's been a problem," said Johnson.

Gibb wanted to alter the students' view of the games. "I made a few modifications this year from previous years, just to sort of change the ripe atmosphere of the games and to remind students it's fun competition, with emphasis on the fun," said Gibb.

Senior Lisa Jaeggi looks forward to playing floor hockey for the first time this year, but is skeptical that added female players to the teams will bring down the level of competitiveness. "Oh, like girls are going to solve the problem of competitiveness," Jaeggi said. "I know some girls who get crazy with their aggressiveness."

Senior Spencer Lee looks forward to playing floor hockey this year and likes the change. "I think it's good because otherwise you'd have all male or all female teams, or teams that would refuse to have girls because they'd want to win, despite the fact that there are plenty of athletic girls," said Lee.

Senior Duane Mueller was on the winning team, the Replacements, last year. Mueller looks forward to the start of hockey season and the chance to continue playing hockey at Blair. "I'm happy to be able to play again. It's a fun activity to do, it should be interesting," Mueller said.

There was some uncertainty about the league's beginning when last year's sponsor, ESOL teacher Charles Wang could not continue his role in the league. When Wang was unable to continue focusing on the league, Gibb offered to help because of admiration for floor hockey's place at Blair. "It's been a great tradition at Blair, and I wanted to keep the tradition alive," said Gibb. "We're looking forward to it."

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