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May 2, 2005, midnight | By Anthony Glynn | 18 years, 11 months ago

Coed Volleyball beats Kennedy 3-0


The coed volleyball team stole a straight set victory from Kennedy (8-3) today after inconsistent good and bad runs of serves and returns turned out in Blair's favor.

Before the game, Coach John Mott felt Blair was able to beat Kennedy but that fate was not in his team's favor. "The APs do us in every year," said Mott. "Some people just left for them, but they weren't starters. We should probably win. But I don't know; the last few times I said that it didn't work out." Mott's hesitance may seem unfounded after last weeks showing against Poolesville. Blair had only three boys and five girls. They were down 10-14 in the fifth set and still managed a 16-14 win.

The Blazers performance in the first set was a success by most standards. Sophomore setter Christie Lin thought the team's winning strength was in its direction. "We were accurate in the first. Most balls were in," said Lin. At the very least, Blair's accuracy allowed them an early break from Kennedy. After gaining a lead of 11-4, Blair, which achieved the lead without hitting a single ball out of bounds, and Kennedy exchanged points back and forth for the rest of the game. The set ended 25-15.

Blair hit many more outs in the second set but still were victorious. The Blazers pushed the pace early in the set, much like in the first, but as their returns began to falter so did their dominance. Their lead of 16-8 was lost to the Kennedy quickly and Blair was down 18-20 when Mott called a time out. Evidently, Mott made an impact on the Blazers because they immediately made a five point run. Then a Blazer spiked out to get a score of 23-21, and did it again a minute later, after winning a point, to make the score 24-22. At 24-23, the Cavaliers made a kill, but in the process reached passed the plane and gave the Blazers the game.

In the third set, the Cavaliers started off on top with 2-4, which would soon turn to 6-6. Blair was having difficulty communicating because although each Blazer made noticeable calls for the ball, the calls were disregarded and other Blazers proceeded in their own efforts. The Cavaliers saved Blair in a few volleys when they saved obviously out Blazer-hit balls, keeping them in play. At 24-17, the Blazers loosened up and Kennedy made a four point run that scared the Blazers into reminiscence of the close-call ending to the second set. Blair then spiked into a victory of 25-21.

The coed volleyball team managed for the first time this season to beat a school the boys' team was unable to beat. The coed volleyball team has one game left and has achieved Mott's goal of a better than .500 season by keeping the losses down to four.

Sickness and height were less hindering than expected today. Sophomore Cal Burton, who was so sick his voice was gone, played much of today's match with consistency. Senior co-captain Zack Koerper mentioned how he was blocked a few times today, but Koerper, and juniors Adrian Cretzu and Allen Zhang made at least one successful block each in return.

Koerper and Lin agreed that the main problem today was serving. "Julie Zhu served well, but otherwise were terrible," said Koerper. Lin believed there was plenty of room for improvement in Blair's serving game.

Today was Senior Day – it was the last home game and thereby the last time the senior Blazers could compete on their own territory. In response to this fact, it is tradition for the seniors to get playing time. Today, all three seniors who were in attendance got playing time.

Six Blazers missed last week's two games because of the sophomore magnet trip to Wallops Island. Some were rusty coming back today, according to Lin.

Coed volleyball will next go to Sherwood on May 6 at 5:15 p.m. for the last game of the regular season. As of now, Sherwood is undefeated. The Blazers qualified for the playoffs, which will occur after the regular season ends.

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