Blazers take fashion inspiration from the world around them

Nov. 20, 2019, 11:33 p.m. | By Sophia Lucarelli | 4 years, 6 months ago

Blazers put dedication into their fall outfits

As the weather grows colder, it becomes more of a necessity to bundle up. Students like senior Emma Celine Bardeson and junior Rosie Thrills take “bundling up” to a whole new level. They take inspiration from the fall weather, Instagram fashion accounts and their peers to incorporate new styles into their everyday outfits.

Having an eye for fashion doesn't come naturally but is learned through observation and practice. According to Bardeson, fashion is all about taking inspiration from the people around you. “I always thought about clothes being something that you just wore, like a one-and-done thing. Then I started seeing a lot of people would dress stylishly, and I started having an eye for it,” Bardeson says. 

Emma Bardeson and Rosie Thrills in the fashion room at Blair (courtesy of Catherine Lo). Photo courtesy of Catherine Lo.

As Thrills puts it, “art never comes easily,” one must put time and effort into finding the right style. Both Bardeson and Thrills find that the most important part of fashion is to feel comfortable and empowered in what they are wearing. They use fashion as an outlet to express their art form. “When you look good, you feel good. Your clothing should express yourself and make yourself feel confident,” notes Thrills.

Putting outfits together requires endless hours in clothing stores, looking through the clothing and trying on multiple pieces that may or may not match. It’s valuable to have a unique style and an idea of how to represent that through your clothing. “I think it's important to be authentic to yourself. You can have people that you admire and like their style. But with everything you do, it should be unique to what you like,” Bardeson comments.

Ever since Thrills was little, she has attended to sewing and creating her own outfits, “after my mom taught me how to sew when I was younger, I’ve been sewing outfits for myself ever since,” Thrills explains. She takes inspiration off of sewing Instagram accounts and outfits she sees around her. “If I see a piece of clothing I like, I always go home and try to recreate it in my own way,” Thrills says. 

Thrills isn't the only one that creates her outfits from scratch. Bardeson picked up sewing shortly after Thrills introduced it to her. Ever since then, the most common place to find Bardeson is in the fashion room at Blair. “I try to sew as much as possible,” says Bardeson. “Now that I think about it, I actually made the top I’m wearing right now,” Bardeson explains as she points to her lacy white tank top. 

Thrills found her own style through Instagram fashion accounts, her fashionable friends and thrift shopping. “Everything thrifted is my thing. When I was little I would spend tons of time in the thrift store with my mom and eventually I found my own taste in clothes,” Thrills says. As for Bardeson, she took her inspiration from fashion prediction articles to stay ahead of upcoming fashion trends. “I read a lot about fashion predictions because I want to be able to use those for my own inspiration for the future,” Bardeson says. 

Now that it's Autumn, Bardeson is working on incorporating more Fall-themed colors in her outfits. “In the past I’ve never liked colors like orange and fall colors, but this year I'm doing something different and trying to incorporate them in my outfits more often,” Bardeson says. The fall weather also calls for warmer clothing. Luckily for Thrills, dressing for the cold is her favorite style. She enjoys layering pieces on top of each other. “You have to wear a lot more layers like turtlenecks and leggings under your pants. Tight pieces over long sleeved shirts can be styled really well as well,” Thrills explains. 

Bardeson also plays around with layering her clothing. “I want to work more with prints and patterns. Layering something patterned with a solid color looks really nice in my opinion,” Bardeson says. 

Autumn brings new ideas, inspiration and new clothing designs to fashion. For Blair students, it also brings a new perspective on what outfits they put together. 

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