Blazers' thoughts on the election

Nov. 7, 2004, midnight | 19 years, 5 months ago

The following is a compilation of quotes from Blazers regarding their thoughts on the 2004 presidential election. Please feel free to leave your own comments as well.

"I'm disappointed at the public's inability to make a sane decision."
-senior Margarita Acosta

"I was behind Bush in this election. First of all, I'm pro-life which is always important to me, but on the subject of Iraq my reasoning is as follows: though Bush has gotten America into a war that many people are angry about (and rightfully so), he knows more about the situation than Kerry does at this point in time. Kerry would have gone into the White House without much knowledge of everything that's going on, and could have made many mistakes that Bush has already worked out.
-senior Bill McManigle

"It's tragic to see that so many people were swayed by the Bush administration's lies."
-junior Mark Snyder

"It made me feel pretty pissed off. People were supposed to vote in record numbers, and they didn't."
-senior Jonathan Carney

"In my personal opinion, people need to chill out. Bush won. It's not the end of the world. Four more years isn't going to kill anybody. I don't understand why everyone is all freaking out and panicking."
-junior Bruno Falcon

"I can't believe Badnarik didn't win."
-junior Jeff Holliday

"I think as much as I was expecting [the outcome], it was disappointing. Almost everyone I talked to was like, 'Yeah, Bush is going to win,' but that didn't change my feelings afterwards. I was still kind of sad."
-junior Morgan Luker

"I'm disappointed. Kerry is sort of the lesser of two evils, [and] Bush is not exactly the most intellectual President."
-junior Heather Hurt

"Kerry is a better leader than Bush will ever be. He would have gotten us out of the war. I like Kerry's ideas of how to run a country better."
-freshman Stevia Morawski

"Now that the election is over, we can focus on closing the rift of the past couple of years. Now is the time to end the partisan attacks."
-junior Sebastian Johnson

"I think it was really selfish of Kerry to concede so quickly because he had so many people working so hard for him."
-junior Roxanne Shorrock

"I thought Bush was going to win from the beginning. I was surprised it came down to Ohio instead of Florida."
-junior Albert Nguyen

"Kerry did the noble thing conceding the election. We didn't need another recount."
-junior Alan Langworthy

"I hate to say I saw it coming, that Bush would win. I don't think we can blame it on anything. It's just that people thought he had a better policy for the war on terror. I do think it's unfortunate he won, but I don't think there was any foul play involved. As soon as I figured out he won, I went out and bought an anti-Bush T-shirt. That was my contribution to all this."
-sophomore Nick Lukehart

"I think it's ridiculous that this time, in addition to winning the Electoral College, Bush also won the popular vote, because my belief is that no one, Republican or Democrat, who is educated, can like Bush. I think it really says something about our country because we have an absolute dolt for a President. The general opinion of the world is that the American people are right, but the administration is horrible. It's a joke."
-junior Nick Billhiemer

"I think the election was disappointing, and I really don't want four more years."
-junior Edra Brisbane

"Well, conceding was the right thing for Kerry to do in his situation. I was very disappointed [about the election] because I do not know about the future of our country for the next four years."
-junior Brian Kesten

"I was really surprised that Bush won. I found out that Kerry conceded about an hour after he did, in school. I wasn't surprised that Kerry conceded, just that he did it so soon."
-junior Patrick Mifflin

"I was mad, but I didn't really care as long as I don't get drafted. Bush won clearly this year, and I was happy the country could decide on a president."
-senior Tim Yorro

"I'm happy with the results. Now, Bush just has to earn the trust of all those people who voted for Kerry."
-senior Phuson Hulamm

"Kerry and Bush have done some dumb stuff, but I would rather Kerry have won. I would have been happier if Kerry won because Bush is against stem-cell research, and I think that's important."
-freshman Becky Richmond

"Terrible, ridiculous — a crime against humanity."
-junior Sean Conte

"I was disappointed. I had hoped that Kerry would win. Bush
seems more for the rich people and upper-class people, but Kerry is
more for everyone."
-senior Raoul Voglozin

"I don't mind that Bush won. You can't leave the war to someone
else because he started it. Next time, the vote is sure to be
Democratic instead of Republican. Plus, Bush is gone then."
-junior Crystal Avalos

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