Blitz, Janice

Nov. 22, 2002, midnight | 18 years, 11 months ago

Earth science teacher has been teaching her whole life

by Caitlin O'Brien

Name: Janice Blitz
Department: Science
Education: The City University of New York - BA in Geology and Masters in Science Education
Year started at MBHS: 1992
Previous Jobs: None
Hobbies: Raising her children
Janice Blitz is an earth space systems science teacher who has taught at Montgomery Blair High School for ten years. Having studied earth science throughout her academic years, she knows the subject well.

Blitz has been an educator for as long as she could remember. "I've been teaching since I was four of five," she says.

She tutored math when she was only in second grade. She was also a future teacher in the eighth and ninth grades, and she tutored science while in college.

She got her inspiration for science early. When she was in ninth grade she had an earth science teacher who particularly piqued her interest in the subject. "She was very dynamic," Blitz says fondly. "But she kind of looked like a witch."

Blitz grew up in the Bronx, New York. She sees many similarities between the schools in the Bronx and Blair, which is one of the most diverse high schools in the county. "It's an urban school with urban ideas. I like that," she explains.

While Blitz has taught at other high schools in Montgomery County, she most happy at Blair. Principal Phillip Gainous and the student body are what have drawn her to the school.

Blitz does not currently sponsor any after-school activities. She would like to be involved with an activity about outer space. However, she does not have enough time, since being a teacher takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

Her students are important to her. In order to bring out their potential, she shows them the relevancy of earth science, demonstrating that the information learned in class can be used in daily life. She helps her students realize that learning is not simply about memorizing facts, but knowing information that will last forever.

Blitz is not only devoted to teaching, but also dedicated to her children. She has a son who is 23 and a daughter who is 19, both of whom she loves dearly. She recalls her fondest memory as "having my children."

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