Board of Education approves Gainous for new county job

May 8, 2007, midnight | By Priyanka Gokhale, Rachita Sood | 16 years, 6 months ago

Gainous will end his 23-year term as Principal this summer

In a meeting today, the Board of Education approved Principal Phillip Gainous to the newly created position of Liaison for Leadership Development. Gainous will leave his post as principal and begin his three-year term in the new position on July 1.

At approximately 11:20 a.m. today, Gainous received a phone call from Community Superintendent Heath Morrison informing him of the decision. The Board of Education made the formal announcement at 2:30 p.m. today during their meeting.

On May 3, the Montgomery County Association of Administrative and Supervision Personnel (MCAASP) – made up of administrators and non-superintendent officials throughout the county – approved Gainous' letter of interest in the job.

A replacement principal has not yet been selected, though according to Gainous, the new appointment will be the focus in coming weeks. "Nobody is concerned about my leaving, it's who's coming in," he said. "Folk are into the next step."

Morrison plans to speak with students, staff and parents at Blair about the qualities they seek in a principal. According to Cherrie Avery, Gainous' secretary, the tentative dates for the meetings are May 21, 22 and 23.

After these initial meetings, the Board will create a panel to formally choose the principal. Gainous said that the panel is likely to include another principal from the Downcounty cluster in addition to students, staff and parents.

In his new position, Gainous will serve as a coordinator between Montgomery County Educational offices – including the Office of Organizational Development (OOD), which works on staff development throughout the county. Gainous will work with principals and other administrators throughout the county, helping them evaluate and improve staff members.

As a part of his duties, Gainous may visit Blair in the coming years to work with the new principal. "I imagine that I'll be back through here," he said.

He will also be on the MCAASP Board of Directors as the Vice President of Leadership Development, making him the primary person of contact for Montgomery County's Professional Growth Systems (PGS), which aid in staff improvement.

Though Gainous is excited about the prospects of his new career, he realizes that leaving Blair, a school he has led for 23 years, will be difficult. "I am looking forward to the new job," he said. "The hard part is leaving Blair."

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