Bosse, Angelique

May 1, 2003, midnight | 18 years ago

By Rocky Hadadi

Name: Angelique Bosse
Subjects they teach: Biology, Genetics, Cell Physiology.
Education: Woodward High School in Maryland; Boston College – Bachelor's Degree in Biology; Graduate School at Penn State, the University of Maryland – Master's Degree in Cell Physiology, Secondary Education.
Previous Jobs: Lifeguard, working in research labs.
Came to Blair in: 1992, right after she finished school.
Hobbies: Running.
Extracurricular Activities: Coach of the Cross Country Team, sponsor of the Indian Club.

KISS, Motley Crüe, Bon Jovi, Ratt: all hard rock bands from the 1970s and 1980s that any grungy metalhead would gleefully slam around to. As science teacher Ms. Angelique Bosse proves, petite and down to earth mothers of two can love these bands as well.

Bosse came to Montgomery Blair High School in 1992 and teaches biology, genetics, and cell physiology to students at Blair. In high school, Bosse wanted to be a lab research scientist; however, after college, Bosse decided to become a teacher that would research and yet teach classes at the same time. "I thought that was a nice balance," Bosse said.

Bosse decided to go into teaching because every year of her job is different, with new students and responsibilities. "Every year is a new year," she said. The only problem Bosse finds with teaching is having to judge her students. "It's hard to have to grade them," Bosse said, wincing as she looks around the room full of busy teenagers. "It doesn't seem very fair, at times."

Bosse said that although she is very proud of her job as a teacher, her two daughters are the number one source of pride and joy in her life. "Having kids is absolutely the best thing," she said, smiling. Bosse said it feels easier for her to relate to her children because she is a teacher, and can understand what they are going through at school. Being a mother is "so different, so fulfilling," she said, beaming from ear to ear. "It's a wonderful thing."

In addition to teaching and raising her two daughters, Bosse coaches Blair's cross-country team and sponsors the Indian Club.

Bosse cited comedy movies as her favorite, especially Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, and also enjoys the TV shows Survivor, Law and Order, and Dateline. She enjoys hard rock bands such as KISS and Ratt, and as she laughed about her love of the radio station DC101, it was plain to see that while Bosse greatly enjoys her job as a teacher, she can take pleasure in the smaller things in life as well.

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