Brutal Kick in the Face

Nov. 12, 2002, midnight | By Josh Gottlieb-Miller | 21 years, 6 months ago

Review: The hard rocking Brutal Kick are great for moshing metal fans, but will alienate anyone looking for anything softer than a chain saw. Shiver's vocals aren't pretty but they get the job done and Samuel is a competent drummer.

Next Show: "Probably never."

Genre: Technical Swedish. "Contractive death metal."

Band Members:
Jack Samuel (Blair, senior): Drums
Matt Hayek (Blair, senior): Rhythm guitar
Ian Shiver (Blair, senior): Vocals
James Reichard (Thorton Friends, senior): Guitar, Shredder

Influences: Coverage. Poison the Well. Dark Tranquility. Darkest Hour. Iron Maiden.

History: Samuel and Hayek formed Brutal Kick in the Face from the ashes of the original My Hero Cried (now reunited) for the sake of metal.

Albums: None.

Website: None.

Best Song: The Fury of the Hell Satan (i.e. song 1)

Worst Song: The Fury of the Hell Satan (i.e. song 1)

Best part of being in a band: Samuel states, "Playing music"

Worst part of being in a band: Hayek remarks, "Logistics, coordination, truant band members, dealing with James."

Reaction from other Blair bands: "Brutal Kick in the Face is... extremely talented and I guess they appeal to their one group of things and I admire that. But... the substance of the music in those three bands doesn't come out cause I can't hear it over the loud-pitched guitars, the loud screaming, and the head banging of the moshing crowds. They have extreme potential, but sometime they come across as, their voices I mean, as if they're half-drunk or something." (Lisa Jaeggi, Orange Julius)

Quotable: Samuel says, "This scene is about respect and community. Being part of a high-school band... is beautiful."

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