Cal's Call: Chris Wilcox gone pro

April 30, 2002, midnight | By Calvin Anderson | 18 years, 8 months ago

Ex-Terp takes the big jump, how will he fare?

Until last Monday ex-Terp power forward Chris Wilcox was one of my favorite college players. Now he'll be one of my favorite NBA ballers. We all knew it would happen. We all knew it was inevitable. But still we retained that sense of false hope that Wilcox would stay in college one more year.

Well, he's gone now. He's moved on to play with the big dogs. Now the question is, how will he fare with the likes of KG, Tim Duncan, and Shaq Diesel. Until this point in his basketball career he has dominated based on his sheer size and athletic ability, but now he actually will need to develop some skills.

In college Wilcox has demonstrated absolutely no ball handling capabilities at all. He has no range behind the arc and he doesn't have great quickness. In a league where there are players like KG who can play every position on the floor, handle the rock in tight situation, shoot the clutch three, grab the tough rebounds, and play defense as well Wilcox will struggle.

It pains me to talk bad about a player who I grew to love so much but the truth must be spoken. There is no doubt that Wilcox has athletic ability, but when he has Shaq Diesel's elbows down his throat he'll rethink his decision about leaving comfy College Park.

With a few years of NBA ball he'll be one of the leagues elite but he'll struggle early. I would love to see him on the Wiz catching dishes from MJ.

Cal's Call: Wilcox's decision to leave the Terps early was a stupid one. Eventually he will have to learn some actual skills. If he stayed in college he could have fine-tuned his skills and gone to the NBA as a possible lottery pick. But, for some reason he thought the league, all the money, and the shoe contracts were all going to disappear if he waited just one more year.

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