Cal's Call: Lakers will Three-Peat

May 2, 2002, midnight | By Calvin Anderson | 18 years, 8 months ago

The best duo in the league just can't be stopped

The Los Angeles Lakers are without a doubt the best team in basketball. They came into this season looking to three-peat. With the best duo in the league more than likely they will.

Who can stop Kobe, who can stop Shaq? No one, that's right. Absolutely no one. There is not a single player in the National Basketball Association that could stop either one of these forces. And when you put these two on the same team they are just unstoppable…or are they?

We all know that no real team could beat the Lakers, so let me use my imagination to create the ultimate Laker-killing team. My starting five: at point guard without a doubt would be The Glove, Gary Payton. No one in basketball today mixes trash talk, quality play, and leadership as well as this man. At the two guard, my favorite player not named Jordan, Allen "the Answer" Iverson. Iverson is smaller than Kobe but with his superior quickness and a jay so wet it could put out fire, he would put up 40-50 points in the game.

At small forward would undoubtedly be His Airness. Not only does he have the greatest skills of any basketball player ever, he has the brains of an Einstein on the court. Jordan's presence on the court would neutralize the Kobe Shaq disease.

I would have Tim Duncan starting at power forward and KG at center. Now before you die-hard NBA fans out there start to trip hear me out. KG is one of the leagues best athletes. He's listed as a small forward but has the ability to play every position on the floor. Now imagine Shaq Diesel out on the three-point line trying to guard the much quicker Garnett. I smell big problems. Shaq would be lost once he stepps outside the paint.

Defensively we would switch it up a bit. We would put Duncan on Shaq and KG on Kobe. That way Kobe would be completely shut down and Shaq's points would be minimal. Since the only person on the team with superior defensive skills is the Glove the game would be extremely high scoring, something like 196-140. If this team were to play the Lakers the score would be the Laker Killers by about 60 points.

Cal's Call: Back to reality. The Lakers are still the best team and until some Dan Snyder type owner decides he wants to make my dreams come true the Lakers will keep on winning championships.

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