Cancellation of games an inconvenience to athletes

Oct. 25, 2002, midnight | By Cori Cohen | 21 years, 8 months ago

The sniper shootings that began three weeks ago are causing a commotion among athletes because lost game time could affect seniors' up for scholarships.

Senior football player Max Pollock said that the cancellations are a major concern for athletes looking for athletic scholarships. "If scouts can't see you play they won't offer you scholarships. Scouts won't take chances with you. They want solid evidence you're good," said Pollock.

Cynthia Changuris, the resource teacher in the physical education department, believes that the cancellation of the games has had a large effect on students trying to get athletic scholarships. "I think not just here but all over the area it will have an impact."

Athletic director Dale Miller believes that girl athletes are probably the most affected. Girls soccer captain Rebeccah Bernard has been hoping for a soccer scholarship for years. However, she has been depending on her soccer league outside of Blair to demonstrate her skills. One of her most important tournaments was canceled recently due to the sniper attacks. A disappointed Bernard says, "This makes it more difficult for scouts from places like California and Boston to come see us, because there are only a few tournaments left."

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