Cars towed from student parking lot

March 19, 2003, midnight | By Laura Blythe-Goodman | 21 years, 3 months ago

About twenty cars were towed from the student parking lot on Tuesday, March 18 for failing to have the authorized permit showing. Each students will have to pay a fee of at least $78 to get their car back.

The towing came after several students who had parking permits complained to business manager Anne Alban. "Students have been coming in and telling us that there's no spaces out there," said Alban. "It's not fair for kids who pay for it not to get the opportunity to use it."

Alban worries that students who did pay for permits would be inconvenienced if they could not find their spot. "It makes them late for class if they can't find a space," said Alban.

Some of the cars that were towed did have permits, but the permits were not showing. "It needs to be visible," said Alban. "We had no way of knowing."

Senior Jennifer Sindall's car was towed, even though she was authorized to park in the student parking lot. "I have a permit and it fell from my rear view mirror," said Sindall. "I guess they didn't see it."

Although Senior Ariel Beck also has a permit, her car was towed as well because the permit had fallen off of the rear view mirror. She ended up paying an extra $20 for a "special dolly." Beck was angry at the towing even though she understood the reason her car was towed. "I take complete responsibility for it, but it still made me really mad."

Beck thinks that the towing was not the best way of getting the point across. "It was a really cruel way of teaching people," said Beck.

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